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2 years ago

Awesome! 🎉 Congratulations!

Is this the end? Should you start expecting tons of people reading your articles? Should you expect thousands of upvotes?


You see, like with anything - readers on follow a "power law". Which is a smart way to say that most popular authors get most of the audience and the rest enjoy very little attention. It means that some very popular authors with big subscription counts can just publish an article and be done with it. You, probably, have no subscribers (unless you're a famous blogger joining our platform), so you need to bring some attention to yourself.

Now begins your fight for the readers' attention.

There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Post the link to your article to Reddit.

    There are many Reddits available for every topic. For example, if you wrote something about Bitcoin Cash, a good place to submit this link would be to r/btc and r/bitcoincash. If you are posting about travel - try googling for "travel -inurl:comments -inurl:wiki", if your topic is "health", again googling for "health -inurl:comments -inurl:wiki".

    Check out the subreddits you've found, look through the rules to confirm that it's appropriate to submit your link there. (Though, the worst that could happen - your link would be removed, not the end of the world)

    You need to register on Reddit first and sometimes you can't immediately post your links. For example, r/btc requires that your account be a few days old (a week, probably).

    Submitting to Reddit is probably the easiest and the most powerful way to promote your article and get more subscribers and upvotes.

    Note: click the share links at the bottom of your published article, that way you're not only promoting your article, but also participating in the affiliate program.

    The "share" links - each of them is your affiliate link.
  2. Become more active in the community.

    Reply to people's comments, ask questions in comments, try to help people. This leads to people naturally wondering "Who is this person?" and clicking a link to your profile page, where they would be able to see your articles. This is the audience which already has an account on and can upvote and subscribe. These people are worth their weight in gold.

    Got upvoted for $0.10? Great - you can go and upvote a few authors you liked with $0.01 each. That, again, leads to wondering "who is this person that upvoted me?" Or, at least, when you publish your next article, your name would be familiar enough for this person to click your link.

    It's pretty important and free. Just your time investment.

  3. Use your share links at the bottom of your published article to invite your friends, colleagues, family to read your post. The beauty of it is that your not selling anything, you're just showing your work. But if they sign up and become a big success - you'll get 3% of their success also (it comes out of's pocket, not your friend's pocket, read more in the affiliate program section).

    Use these links to share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, use the last button ("link") to create a shareable link for Whatsapp, Telegram groups and chats, Messenger, anywhere...

Also check out these tips for authors from @Cain.

This is not the end of your efforts, this is just a beginning. Do you want to become a great blogger? Read our tips.

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Written by   8452
2 years ago
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