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One of the important things that we decided we wanted to have from the start was the ability to download all of your content, just in case goes out-of-business or the servers are confiscated or something like that.

Now you can do that.

You won't get the exact copy of the articles as see them here, more like a "bare bones HTML with all classes and some styling" (see below), but at least you get all of your articles and images.

Some dynamic features are obviously non-exportable, like your sponsors block. (Disagree? Propose your ideas in comments)

That should be enough to recover your site in case of a catastrophic failure of We do have regular backups, we're talking more about closing.

You can take those files, buy the cheapest simplest web hosting, upload the files and be done within a few minutes. After that you can take care of styling and fixing any minor problems.

We recommend you to bookmark this article and download your files at least monthly, if you are an active writer.

You can always find a link to this page in the website's footer.

Why not IPFS? We've looked at IPFS and it turns out that we need to host a node to serve the files, the rest of the nodes will at best cache some files some of the time. That means that if our servers are confiscated... the node is gone, your files are gone. It doesn't make much sense.

If you know more about IPFS than we do and think we misunderstand something here, please let us know in the comments.

What's inside?

Bare bones index.html
Bare bones articles with all the images included in export

Download the backup

If you are ready to download your backup, follow the link:

Download your backup (please don't refresh frantically, it takes time to start the download)


If you notice any problems with your backup - please let us know in the comments or via

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The article is good

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4 weeks ago

It works! (of course)

Take all my money!!!

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1 month ago

Thanks for testing it!

Though, using peer-to-peer money we can't of course do that. That request is better when directed at govt :)

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1 month ago
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