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We have an affiliate program now!

Below every article you'll find this block now:

Share link or copy the link - these are all affiliate links. Anyone who signs up after using that link - becomes your affiliate.

You get 3% of any spending and any earning for lifetime (including possibly very expensive sponsorships) by your affiliates. Doesn't change a thing for the people signing up.

The link could be made to any article or topic.

The most interesting part is that visually the affiliate link would look exactly like a normal link.

Squint and guess which one is affiliate link.

Ok, it's the second one. You won't guess, the numbers at the end are random.

(Though in some countries, cough.. US.. cough.. 'scuse me.. you'd still (probably) have to explicitly tell that there's an affiliate link somewhere on the page.. for one reason or another)

If you are worried about the SEO effect of "duplicate content" of all the affiliate links - don't be, we're sending the correct "canonical" header.

Wanna get rich slowly?

Does it affect upvoting? Do invitees have to pay more now?

How could you even think of that? Of course, not!

All affiliate commissions are coming out of our fee.

As you know, when you upvote on read.cash - 90% goes to the author (woo-hoo!) and 10% goes to the read.cash (booooo!)

Regular upvote on read.cash

With affiliate upvote it becomes this:

Affiliate upvote on read.cash

As you can see - the upvoter still gives 90% to the author, it's just that read.cash gets less (woo-hoo!)

Why is there "Affiliate 1" and "Affiliate 2"?

Easy, like we've said - you get 3% of any earnings AND spending.

If you invite an author and he or she gets paid - you get 3%.

If you invite an upvoter and he or she upvotes the author - you also get 3%.

So, obviously:

There can be up to two affiliates.

Obviously, you can even get 6% if you invited both the upvoter and the author.

Alternative link

You can also use non-stealh option to forward people to the main page, using the link https://read.cash/r/username, where username is your username, so if your username is "IamGreat77" then the link would be https://read.cash/r/IamGreat77

The dust problem that a vacuum cleaner won't solve

There is a problem of "dust", that means that you won't get paid for upvotes under 6 cents at current BCH price.

Unfortunately, we don't have the power to change that. Let me explain:

When you try to send 3% of a one cent upvote (that's $0.0003, a very small sum), you can't really send it in the Bitcoin Cash network.

"$0.0003" is "104 BCH satoshis" at current price ("satoshi" being "1/100000000th of a single Bitcoin Cash").

There is a hard limit called "the dust limit" of 547 satoshis - anything below it cannot be sent at all.

At $288 it's about $0.0015. That's the smallest amount we can send over the BCH network.

Currently, that means that we can't send an affiliate 3% of amounts less than 6 cents. That's with current BCH prices.

If BCH were suddenly to spike to $2880 - that would be "at least 53 cents".

We will launch ignoring the affiliate payments of all upvotes that produce dust comissions (that's about less than 5.1 cents). Sorry for that, but don't despair - upvotes of 1-5 cents are pretty rare.

Only about 1/20th of total upvotes so far would not have been paid to affiliates.

We think it's a reasonable compromise and we'll see what we can do for the next version.

As soon as we launch paywalls - you'll also receive affiliate payments from these. These should be much more profitable, since they would be more expensive.

How long does the cookie last?

The cookie that you've sent this user is set forever. Whenever user decides to register - he or she will be your invitee. Though the cookie can be deleted if browser history is cleared.

Last cookie wins

Situation A: You create an affiliate link, anonymous user follows it, closes the site, comes back 2 years later and registers - he or she is your affiliate and you get the income from his/her actions.

Situation B: You create an affiliate link, anonymous user follows it and closes the site. After about an hour the user follows another affiliate link created by Other User and registers. He or she is now an affiliate of The Other User, you don't get the income from his/her actions.

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Amazing idea!

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2 weeks ago

Greetings, I am interested in the program but: Any link of any publication that I already uploaded serves the program?

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2 months ago

Only if you used the links from the bottom of the article, while being logged in. Or previously we had also links at the top. All the links created this way are the affiliate links and earn you money.

If you copied the link from the browser address bar - that's just a regular non-affiliate link, it doesn't bring you money.

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2 months ago

What an awesome idea.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thanks 😊

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Nice ...

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I must be missing something. Where do I get the affiliate link from?

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Go to any article, hover over the title, just like the animation at the start shows: https://rcimg.net/images/e616a825/iRNELlBegKRBxA4XDDHaxK8eUzdrtNGu2gTEFzCj.gif

$ 0.50
4 months ago

I get it now. Thanks!

$ 0.00
4 months ago
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