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So, you have registered, now what?

  1. What is read.cash?
    In short: write good articles - get paid in Bitcoin Cash if your readers like them.
    You don't need any technical knowledge, the wallet is integrated into this site.
    Payments are peer-to-peer only, meaning you always control your earnings, read.cash never holds your money.

  2. Write some comments to feel a little bit more confident about using the platform.

  3. Write your first article and publish it.

What can you write about?

Anything, as long as it's not against the simple rules of our site. Basically, don't attack people, don't do anything obviously illegal, don't post erotic, porn or sexuality.

  • Are you a photography fan?
    Write some tips about doing the great shots!

  • Are you a fan of healthy living?
    Sure, write about that - what do you do to stay healthy?

  • Cryptocurrencies are your thing?
    Write about that.

  • Do you know life hacks?
    Share your best ones and let people support you!

  • If you are most interested in getting paid, but don't know what to write about - here are a few ideas.

Do you need to write huge long articles?

No. Sometimes, short tips are really good, sometimes you need a bit more text.

Do you have to write in English?

Write in any language, just don't forget to select a correct language for the article, before you publish it.

Do you have to write about cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin Cash?

No, not really, write about anything. People currently do upvote original Bitcoin Cash content much more often than other topics, but you frankly need to be an expert.

People copy dozens of cryptocurrencies articles from big sites (illegally) and get paid zero for the time spent. Don't repeat their mistake.

A few items of caution

Don't copy articles from other sites unless you have a permission.

We don't remove those, unless you copy from some well known source, like CNN or BBC, because we don't know whether you actually have a permission to reprint the article, but if the original author requests article removal - it will be removed and your account might get banned if the amount of removals is too big.

Don't copy images from Google search results or other sites.

It's very easy to get into legal troubles for doing it. Luckily, it's very easy to get legal images, see this article.

Other than that, have fun and publish your first article soon!

You'll get a few more tips after you publish your first article.

Also, take some time to figure out what Bitcoin Cash is. (It's an easy read, this article skips most of the hard details)

We assume you already did, but looking through the "About" page should answer many of your questions.

A few more things to read:

Also, don't forget to select the languages you speak.

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4 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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Thank you very much for the information!

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5 days ago

Thanks for the introductory articles. Really Appreciate the help. ..

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2 months ago

You're welcome!

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2 months ago

hey, thanks for the advice, a question can the images not be taken from google ?, example I am going to talk about fish and I search google for images of fish I can not put them in my publication as a reference?

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3 months ago

Hello.Ts how do i earn on this site?

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2 months ago

Read this article: https://read.cash/@Read.Cash/legal-images-e66e9f1c It has all the information you need. Most of the fish illustrations you need can be taken from Wikipedia (along with the link), but the article has more information.

But generally, no, you can't take images from Google, because those images have owners and they can request your article to be deleted (or even sue you). But there are good alternatives (in the article)

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3 months ago
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