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Back up your seed words

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2 years ago

Welcome to! Please read the following article, it is very important to not lose your money. uses Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency to support the creators of the content.

We have created a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for you. It exists in this browser/mobile phone only. It won't show up if you log in from another device or if you reinstall your system.

Important! Please write down/save the 12 words shown when you click the button below. It is called the "seed phrase".

Don't give it out to anyone, it gives complete access to your Bitcoin Cash.

Seed phrase and derivation path:

Seriously, write it down.

If you lose it - we won't be able to help you to recover your Bitcoin Cash. It will be lost forever.

If something happens to - you can install any Bitcoin Cash wallet, such as Electron Cash on the desktop or wallet on mobile, import your seed phrase there and access your money (Bitcoin Cash).

Please note: is very young and might contain bugs.

We don't recommend keeping more than a $10-20 in this online wallet.

Your Bitcoin Cash address is

Log in to see your address

You can send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) there.

You don't need to remember the address - it will always be available in the "Wallet" -> "Deposit Bitcoin Cash" menu (top-right corner)

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Written by   8997
2 years ago
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