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16 Days Before My 1st Year Anniversary On My First BCH Platform Ever

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2 months ago

The countdown has just begun as I am on my way to "Road To My First Anniversary" on a platform that not only does it allow me to write anything but is also my main source of earning Bitcoin Cash.

Surprisingly, a lot has happened to me since I came here, and I'm pretty excited about what's waiting for me in the next coming days, weeks, months, and hopefully, years to come.

For me, this platform has blessed me many times. First, I met new friends from different sides of the world. Second, I found another virtual family that is very supportive and one of a kind. Third, I have earned more than I could ever anticipate. And last but not the least, this platform allows me to open up without the fear of being judged.

Now, since you've all been so kind and very supportive to me, allow me to share with you my token of appreciation. So in this coming August 6, exactly on my first anniversary, I will be giving away up to $12 in total.

I don't care if you're new or old on this platform, been a subscriber to me or not, as long as you participate in my little Getting To Know You More Challenge: When I Was A Kid, then you're very much qualified.

If you haven't participated or never heard about it yet, be sure to read my entry. It's actually pretty simple but be sure to follow the rules:

That's it! Easy-peasy, I know! But wait, there's a twist. There should be at least 30 entries on or before August 4. If by any chance, the entries I received are less than 30, then the prize I could offer is $8. This is why you need to tag a friend to join the fun. Of course, it's not mandatory, so it's all up to you.

Assuming we receive at least 30 entries by August 4, 8 lucky individuals will be chosen via Random Name Generator:

  • The first 5 names will receive $0.50 each

  • The 6th lucky individual will receive $1.50

  • The 7th lucky individual will receive $3

  • The 8th or our grand lucky winner will receive $5

If the entries didn't reach 30, only $8 will be sent out:

  • The first 5 names will receive $0.50 each

  • The 6th lucky individual will receive $1

  • The 7th lucky individual will receive $1.50

  • The 8th or our lucky winner will receive $3

So I hope to see your entries soon. I have read 2 entries so far, and I'm looking forward to receiving more soon.

Again, the deadline will be on August 4. I need enough time to verify each article before adding them to the final draw. Everything will be transparent so be sure to follow me on at @bmjc98 to stay updated.

And since you still have 2 weeks to comply, there's no need to hurry. Take as much time as you want but be sure to submit your entry on or before August 4. Don't forget that the announcement of the lucky winners will be posted on my anniversary post. Yay!

The anniversary post sounds exciting.

Closing thoughts

I'm excited for the next 16 days, and that's more reason for me to share my special slash big day with you all. This is why I'm also giving you a reason to be excited on that day.

I just hope The Random Rewarder will also feel generous to me in the next 16 days so I have the amount of BCH to give. Yay!

To every one of you, THANK YOU, for being a part of my soon-to-be 1-year BCH journey. I wish to have exciting days with you.

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Written by   825
2 months ago
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