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About the Contest

This is my first contest on, and it is organized by @bmjc98 celebrating her anniversary on the platform.

 She is encouraging us to join in her celebration. And yes, there are rewards too. If you are interested, do read these two articles first:

 Article 1:

 Article 2:

Do read both the articles to get the contest's rules and for doing it the right way. 😊

When I Was A Kid

Okay, all of you’ll have heard of that one rowdy kid that everyone’s parents were wary of. Well, I was that rowdy kid. 😊

Here is my childhood in a nutshell:

1.    Loved to Touch the Earthworms

This was a favorite pass time, especially in the monsoons. When we used to find earthworms, I wanted to touch them, and I did touch them. This was much to the irritation of my elder sister, who would shout at me for touching them. That shouting made me want to touch the Earthworms more.

 Spoilt brat!! 😊

2.    Wondered How Could Earth’s Circular Shadow Cast a Straight Line on the Half Moon

I am not sure if you wondered why the half-moon would be split into half by a straight line. If anything, wasn’t it the shadow of a circular earth? If that was so, shouldn’t the half moon’s shadow be like a comma than a protractor?

See my point. Of course, now I know why. 😊

3.    Wanted To Be Left Free At My Favorite Chocolate Shop

You know the feeling. I wanted to eat all the chocolates as much as I wanted without any restrictions from mom or dad. I wanted to eat chocolates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And in place of water, I wanted a chocolate milkshake.

Chocolates, chocolates, and more chocolates!

4.    Was Confused Why My Drawings Looked So Horrible

I was a mixed bag. I could draw well looking at a picture, but it was horrible when drawing without a reference. So, exams were all about drawing images from memory, and I used to mess it up. I don’t know why. 😊

5.    Wanted My Friends to Be With Me Forever

One of my friends shifted from our society when we were just in the third grade. That shook me a bit. I was not too fond of the feeling. I hoped that all my other friends would remain with me in our society forever. I am sure you get what I mean.

6.    Couldn’t Understand the Science Behind Stars

Mom told me that there were stars bigger than the Sun, and the Earth and Moon were too tiny in comparison. I couldn’t quite get how the tiny stars in the sky were bigger than the moon, let alone the Sun.

Those science challenging thoughts.

 7.    Always Ran From Place to Place

Anywhere I had to go or had to go to the market to get things, I only remembered running to the place. Walking was out of question. There was no fun in walking. I had to be there right now.

8.    Brain Freeze Was the Worst That Could Happen

I always played in the Sun and couldn’t wait to gulp down cold water or ice popsicles in one go. But when the brain freeze hit, it would knock my socks off. That was the most dreaded thing in my life.

9.    Did Not Want Play Time to End

Playing was a fun time, and there were so many varieties of games that we played. It was always anti-climax to stop playing and go home because it was too late in the evening. I always wished that we could keep playing forever.

10.  Never Understood Why Mom Won’t Allow Me to Jump Into Puddles

Trust me, that was one of my most favorite thing to do. It was such fun to wet my shorts and shirt. So what if it got dirty. I never liked mom asking me not to run into puddles. ☹

That’s It!

And that gives you a clue to my childhood. I hope you can piece things together to see how I was. A brat for sure.. Hahhahah.. 😊


Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and Pixabay


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I would scream hard like your sister did if I'd seen you touching those worms. Eww.

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Hahahhhah... And seeing you screaming, I would do it more.. Hahahah

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