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August 2021 Articles Summary

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1 year ago

August is a month that tested me so much. Not just my determination to stay true to my goals, but it also introduced several challenges which made me believe that I will not be able to do what I set out to do.

Thankfully, I am mostly successful despite the setbacks. Also, I just realized that in my 4 months stay in and, I have already gotten over 1BCH. Most of which has been converted to fiat to help pay the bills and other family expenses. I would definitely love to HODL more BCH but I think that in my situation, it is better to offer some of my money than watch my parents borrow money from others. I would rather that I only have a small savings than have a good one but turn a blind eye to our family's situation.

This would not have been possible without the generosity of my wonderful sponsors. If it were not for them, I would have probably left lomg ago just because I would feel so alone.

Sponsors of ZehraSky

Of course, I am also forever grateful to everyone who reads my articles as well as leave a comment. Interacting with other users here has always made me happy. I hope to he able to do that even if not as much because of the upcoming online classes.

I was planning to make another article before this summary but I decided to leave that for tomorrow because I still need to rest since I just got over my colds.

Anyway, these are the articles I managed to publish this month. I also included my sister's articles for the benefit of her readers as well.

She is also deeply grateful for the support you gave her. The BCH she receives in her articles are being used to pay the bill for the wifi (she works from home), as well as other expenses for Moshi.

August 2021 Articles

  1. Setting August Goals

    This article is where I set my goals for the month. July was super productive because of the private goals I set for myself so I thought it would yield better results when I publish my goals publicly.

    It did not work as well as I was hoping for because of the unforeseen events that happened this month. Still, I believe that setting goals is a good thing, but I would probably lessen the goals I set for each month. Since the days passed by so quickly.

  2. Angel's Taste

    I believe this is my first food blog. It features the different pizza toppings that we have tried from Angel's pizza. Since publishing this we have tried the one with spinach as well. I liked it but I prefer the simple mozarella pizza.

  3. I Fell In Love With The Devil

    This is an article inspired by Avril Lavigne's songs. It was a clickbait-y title for some since they were thinking of Lucifer. Sorry about that haha.

    It is about a toxic relationship and I shared my thoughts as well as some references to my own experience of it as well.

  4. To be more than just talented

    This is an article that is more of a rant. I was fed uo with being called talented because it felt like people were brushing aside the hardships I went through to get to my level of skill.

    I know that they meant it as a compliment but most times when people use this word, they are thinking that I was only able to do the things I can do just because I was blessed with talent. As if I have never struggled or got frustrated with it. As if I had magically just gotten good enough at it.

  5. A Random Story

    This is an article where I share a random experience in the rain. It is a funny memory now. And I am glad that I managed to write it down, just so I could look back to it when I want to.

  6. My Three Months Journey to Self-Love

    This is a celebratory article for my three months stay in I shared some realizations and learnings I had from my short journey.

  7. Crochet Supplies: Where to get them? (PH)

    I made this article because I keep seeig comments on my crochet articles about how they wanted to learn crochet as well but do not know where to start. So I shared some of the shops that I really love to buy crochet supplies from. Hopefully, this article helped someone.

  8. Just chill, dude

    This is a rant article about a blockmate who just could not keep his cool. It was about vaccine brands. I explained the scenario as well as share my thoughts as well.

  9. Shopping Adventure: Facing Ninjas

    This is a fun article to write. I shared my first experience staying up late just to grab the chance for flash deals. I also experienced first hand why there is a joke running around our crochet group about the members being ninjas when there are flash deals. Some even use 8 phones just to get the most out of the flash deals.

    This is also the time where I manages to complete my Tulip Sorbet hooks collection which made me incredibly happy.

  10. It is hard to keep up

    This is me finally admitting that the pressure is getting to me. I was feeling so down when I wrote it. I am thankful that I wrote this down just so I could look back into this and remind myself that it is normal to experience things like that. And that the hard times and dark days always pass.

  11. I am starting over

    This is an article that was stucked in my drafts for so long until I finally forced myself to finish writing it. Of course, I changed a lot of the content that I initially wanted to include but hey, the important thing is thatI managed to publish it.

  12. Put fillings in it

    This is an article featuring my amigurumi projects. I love this article so much and if you have not seen it, I would recommend you to click on the link. I really love how cute my amigurumi projects look and I look forward to making more.

  13. I finally got a dream of mine

    This is just a simple dream that I had since high school. I remember hearing my classmates talk about decorating their room or their study area but I could not relate because I have no space of my own. But that changed, and I finally got my dream.

  14. Differences in our lives

    This is an article written when I heard the news of my cousin's upcoming wedding. We were surprised because my cousin is only a year older than me. I shared some differences of life in the city and province that I observed.

  15. I was born without a lucky bone

    I believe this is about the times I was unlucky as well as the times when the stars aligned for me. I am hopeful that today can prove to me that I can win some raffles too. I am also not expecting too much but a part of me really, really wants to win.

    Knowing me, I would most likely make an article about it if I do end up winning this yarn giveaway but let's see.

  16. You weren't there

    This is just me sharing some of the toxicity I experienced. The words just flow out my head and I wrote them down because that was what they wanted.

    Some people misinterpreted this as me sharing my one-sidef love story. But I think if you look closer you will notice that I openly admitted that I never loved him, and I believe that he never truly loved me too.

  17. Afternoon Realizations

    This is so random that I had to read the article again just so I can write a summary about it.

    It is about my realizations regarding my family as well as why I chose to stay even when I could have left.

  18. Today I lost my faith in humanity

    This is a very dramatic side of me showimg itself. It might not be a big things for most people but for me it hurt me enough that I needed to write down my feelings before it could devour me.

    I really felt sad about it but still I know that there are many people out there who aim to be good.

  19. What happens next?

    This article is kind of a follow up on the article, You weren't there. I shared the realizations I had as well as some reference to meeting someone who made me realized that there is nothing wrong with being myself.

  20. To want more than what is given

    This is another articlr regarding the same group of people in the 18th article on this list. It is about how others feel so entitled that they think the world should accomodate them.

  21. Catcalling: The compliment it isn't

    This is another article that was stuck in my drafts for a long time until I finally managed to finish it. The content is basically just me explaining the title as well as sharing some of my experiences with catcallers.

  22. I made the wrong decision

    This is me writing down my doubts and probably my regrets as well. But in the end, I decided that I will still do my best so that this mistake will not stay as such. Maybe someday my actions will right the wrong decisions I made.

  23. You were unwanted

    This is about our little monster. Our lovely dog, Moshi, really makes me happy that I could not help but want to share her story here as well.

  24. When it rains

    This is a free writing activity where I just shared what I think of when it rains.

  25. Six months with you

    This sounds so cheesy and if I saw it, I would have assumed it is about a romantic partner. But no, it is about our little monster, Moshi. We had a small celebration because we were so thrilled to realize that Moshi reached six months with us. We are so happy because when we just got her, the vet told us that she will likely die so her continued survival is a blessing for us.

  26. I love all four, but you are my favorite

    This is an article written after I saw some news of a brand mistreating my bias in Blackpink, Jisoo. I just shared when I started being a blink and why Jisoo is my bias.

  27. Receiving an unwanted guest

    This is me admitting that I am barely at thr the edge of my sanity. I was om the verge of having panic attacks but days of crocheting managed to somehow calm me.

  28. Mental Health in Young Adults: Red Flags and Responses Webinar Reflection

    This is me sharing what I learned from Unilab's webinat about mental health. I find it so informative and it was very helpful in helping me calm down as well. There is something reassuring about how this webinar is done that made me glad that I registeted for it.

  29. It takes time

    This is an article written at the request of my mother. She wanted me to share about how our plants grew so big. The plant looked so different from when it was dying after its leaves were eaten by a cat.

  30. August Goals Achieved

    This article is supposed to be a long one but I could not manage to finish writing it. So I divided it into two parts. The continuation of this is still in the drafts. I have a colds so I really need a lot of rest. Which is why a lot of the articles I wanted to publish before August ends get pushed to the first week of September.

My sister's articles

My sister started sharing articles here as well. You can differentuate our article by the lead image. I used a similar looking ones for my articles while for my sister I used the pictures she sent me.

  1. The Hidden Paradise of Batangas

    This is a travel blog. I really love where they went and I also want to go there after the pandemic.

  2. Today's "Kaartehan" present: Fake Nails Chronicles

    This is a personal blog of my sisters trying out new things.

  3. Moving on is hard, Staying is Stupid

    This is a personal article that shares about her experience with her ex.

  4. How to be a Call Center Agent

    This is her most viewed article and I can understand why. The advices she gave here are actually the same ones she gave me when I was applying for my first job as well. I can vouch for its effectiveness since I managed to get the job offer.

  5. DIY Room Makeover

    She shared our experience when we redecorated her room back then. The room in the article is actually my room now. I think, she will most likely share another DIY Room Makeover soon enough. She has a lot of good plans for her room. Although we could not do them easily due to limited supplies.

  6. DIY Bleaching Fail

    This is where my sister experienced a valuable lesson on learning patience. This was a long time ago so don't worry about the shocking events that took place. All of that is in the past now. She is back to embracing her natural black hair and she has yet to be tempted to bleach her hair again.

Closing words

Wow, I still cannot get over the fact that it is already September tomorrow. Some people are actually already selling Christmas season foods like puto bumbong and bibingka.

September is going to be a busy month for me as I prepare for the start of my third year in college. Wish me luck, guys! I will definitely need it HAHAHA.

If you want to have a new friend to talk to about random things, feel free to reach out to me:

Telegram: @zehrasky ZehraSky

Tumblr: Zehrasky

Thank you for reading this article!

If you want to read some more articles of mine, I have monthly summaries here:

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1 year ago
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God bless to your journey. Christmas season is my favorite too. Merry Christmas to you 🥰

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CONGRATS SA JOURNEY MO THIS YEAR 💓 feeling ko mukhang gagawannata kita ng letter, sobrang laki ng pasasalamat ko sayo 🥺💓

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1 year ago

Congraaaats din sayooo sis. Kapit ka laaaang,, sure ako dadalawin ka ulit ni rusty soon hehe

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1 year ago

God bless your studies. At grabe ka sis, nakaya mo talaga yung 30 articles. Cheers for more blessings this September! 🥂

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1 year ago

Naysuuuu, Congratsuuu sa inyo ni sister mo. Na complete mo ang 30 article plus this one no? Galing galing, more goals pa ang more BCH to come sa ating lahat. Fights lang ng fights eh 💪💚

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Sanaol naka 30 articles. Haha, ako kasi minsan sinusimpong ng tamad kaya di pko nakakakumpleto ng 30 to 31 articles sa isang buwan.

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Minsan din po may nasskip ako pero binabawi ko kapag sinipag HAHA

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Grabi apaka productive ng month of August mo. Keep it up! 🤘

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1 year ago

Congratulations to you sweetie, you deserved all the happiness that you have recieved up until now and I wish you more success here :)

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1 year ago

Thank you so much! I wish you all the best things as well

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Wow! Nakumpleto mo talaga ang isang buwan na magpublish everyday. Nakakatuwa naman. God bless sa pag-aaral mo.😊

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Kakaproud nga po eh, kasi may mga days talagang may sakit ako tas hirap na magsulat pero napush ko pa rin HAHA

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1 year ago

Its ok to use BCH. Its made to spent. I hope you will get another BCH to hodl for future. 30 articles 😍 I hope I could be that productive ❤️

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1 year ago

Yes, that is what I keep in my mind hehe. I try to save some BCH for the future but I do not ignore my needs right now.

I hope that you will be able to write 30 articles as well this month hehe

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1 year ago

Dami mong nasulat na articles.. At naging productive ng iyong August 👍👏♥️

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Yas po hehe sa sobrang productive nagkasakit na ako HAHAHA pero okay lang magaling naman na ako. Nilamig lang siguro

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