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March 2022 Articles Summary

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8 months ago
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Another month has come to an end which means it is time to list all the articles I have managed to write in this account. I do this so I can easily check my past articles without worry.

March 2022 has been a month full of expenses and I am glad that the first two months of 2022 were spent on saving up every cent that I can set aside. In the following months, I would probably regularly take out the BCH I get from writing so I am thankful that I still managed to set aside 0.50BCH. Hopefully, I will not need to touch it in the near future but if I ever do end up needing it then I am more grateful for it since it will be a big help for me.

As of now, I am just going with the flow since I really do not have much energy to set big goals nor work for certain achievements. With that being said, I am so proud of the number of articles I have written for this month. Despite the fact that I feel tired all the time, I still managed to consistently publish articles.

My articles

These are the articles I published for this month. The first article I wrote is about the biggest achievement I got from writing. I never expected it and until now I sometimes wonder if it was real or just something that I made up.

I also started my Adulting 101 series wherein I shared the knowledge I have acquired from various people and books about finance. I am still not done with it which is why I have yet to write an article about the references I used but right now, I am just not in the right mental state to write about it. I will definitely continue it so if you are interested about these topics, feel free to read the first articles while waiting for future topics.

Another thing that made me happy this month is the crochet related articles that I wrote. I think I stopped writing about this hobby of mine for some time since I was a bit lazy to take pictures and write patterns. So I was ecstatic to manage writing an article about it. Plus, the crochet topic that I wrote about is definitely a great product to sell especially if you are in BPO industry.

  1. Dreams do come true: 1 BCH Unlocked

  2. Adulting 101: Track your Expenses

  3. It is over

  4. You get used to it

  5. Maybe next time

  6. Adulting 101: Make your own finance tracker (Part 1)

  7. Adulting 101: Make your own finance tracker (Part 2)

  8. I made up my mind

  9. Turning Red

  10. I let down my walls a bit (it was worth it)

  11. BCH saves the day

  12. Just keep showing up

  13. Sunday random thoughts

  14. Adulting 101: Prepare an Emergency Fund and its importance to BCH holders

  15. Adulting 101: Consider these things when setting up your emergency fund

  16. A memory to treasure

  17. Make your own crochet headset covers

  18. Speciesism: The bias for the same species

  19. It is a Productive Day

  20. Just the three of us

  21. Jumbled Words

  22. I did not want the day to end

  23. I made 4 pairs of crochet headset covers

  24. I took the first step to help myself

Manju's articles

Most of you might already be familiar with Manju. She is my older sister and she writes articles sometimes. She does not have her own account because she has no time to manage it which is why I let her post articles.

However due to some change in the circumstances, Manju has stopped publishing an article in my account. These are the articles she published this month before she stopped writing. It remains to be seen if she will once again grace this account with her presence or if this is a permanent goodbye.

  1. Plus Size Confidence

  2. Level 1: Return To Work

  3. Change Being Constant

  4. How's your day

  5. As Disappointing As It Can Be

  6. A Life Without Distractions

  7. Sippin' on Sunshine

Closing words

This is a great month indeed since we managed to publish 31 articles for this month. 32 if you count this summary too. I think 24 articles is my record for the highest number of articles for this year. Hopefully, I can increase that number next month since I am now once again the sole holder of my account.

I will need a new lead image for April 2022 but I like my lead image right now a lot. So I might just end up swapping the green background into a pink one. Let us see if I will change my mind tomorrow.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   356
8 months ago
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Wow, I admire you for that, that is the real achievement. I cant manage to write an article daily because lack of ideas. My brain was drained sis... hahaha.

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8 months ago

Nakakabelieve ka sis at nagagawa mo talaga ang article mo daily. Natutuwa ako sa mga users na masisipag magsulat ng article. Sana magawa ko din sis pagdating ng takdang araw para sa akin.

$ 0.01
8 months ago

Wow your amazing sis. Nakkabilib na complete ang buong buwan na walang mintis. Hope magawa ko rin ito next month.

$ 0.01
8 months ago

wow you have a lot of articles, sometimes I get a little bit lazy to research and write content but I think you just gave me the motivation to do better.

$ 0.01
8 months ago
$ 0.00
8 months ago

Wow! You complete the whole month for publishing article sis. A big achievement. I'm so happy for you sis. You made both of you with your sister. More achievements to come sis this coming months.

$ 0.01
8 months ago