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November 2021 Articles Summary

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11 months ago
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I am once again continuing my tradition of publishing an summary of all the articles I publish in a month. This is late again as I had a lot of activities to catch up on. I just keep telling myself that I only need to hold on for a few more weeks and I will have a break soon. Hopefully by that time I will be able to interact more. I feel bad for publishing and not being able to interact much.

November flew by so fast that I forgot to publish this. I think I had a good month in terms of my life outside the social media. I may be inactive online but my relationships in the physical world is blooming. Moreover, I am slowly finding time back into taking care of myself.

In terms of online activity, I had to take a break most times since I would go crazy if I had forced myself to continue my pace in being interactive everywhere. Anyway, let's now take a quick trip down the memory road and go back to the articles my sister and I published last November.

  1. If I had a choice

    This is an article about my thoughts if I am ever given a chance to go back in time. You can read it to find out if my decision will be the same as yours.

  2. We'll see each other soon

    I shared some thoughts on the news of the incoming limited face to face classes. I was unsure of how to feel whether to be excited about it or worried.

  3. Balancing on breaking branches

    This is an article about my crumbling mental health. My responsibilities continue to put pressure on me despite the many sacrifices I already made. However, I also learned to appreciate the things and people around me that keep me going.

  4. Am I ready?

    In this article, I shared my thoughts about the rumor about the possibility of having limited face to face classes. I guess other students will also relate to my thoughts in this article.

  5. Thinking of the future

    This article is just a random one where I shared some realizations I had about how much I change and what I think my future would look like.

  6. Join us this midnight

    This is a favorite article of mine. It is about some of my favorite midnight snacks we had and why I liked them.

  7. Drowning together

    This is a kinda emotional article that I do not know how to summarize.

  8. Making an Amigurumi Cat

    Due to my schedule, I have been unable to share much of my crochet projects. I made an exception for this one though. This is a small gift that I gave to my partner and I shared how I made it.

  9. I'm lucky to have you

    This is an appreciation article for my understanding partner who never tried to "fix" me. He let me be myself without any judgement.

  10. They look up at us, not knowing we are lost

    This article is another random thought. It is a look back to my freshman version who looked up at the higher years in my course. Now that I am a third-year college student, I realized that maybe the people I looked up to back then were just as lost as I was.

  11. My Only One

    This is another appreciation post for my partner. He offered amazing support when I was on the verge of mental breakdown because I could not understand the programming activity we had. With his support, I was able to sleep soundly that night and when I woke up the next morning, I was able to answer the activity that held me back last time.

  12. In my future house

    This is me hyping myself up so that I do not give up on my course. I was feeling down with myself so I wanted to remind myself why I chose this path. *Spoiler alert* It was because I am an impulsive buyer and I want to buy a lot of things for my hobbies.

  13. Friendship Over

    This is a light-hearted article where I shared a funny thing that tested my friendship with my bestfriends. Read this article if you want some thrill in your friendship.

  14. In everything I do

    I believe I wrote this article after meeting my partner's friends. It was a memorable day and I felt relaxed with them. I was able to breathe deeply and forget about the stress of my academic requirements because of them.

  15. Sunday Sweetness

    This article is so fun to write since it is about food! What makes it more exciting is that it is about a dessert that I have been craving for weeks.

My sister's article

Some of you may remember that my sister, Manju is sharing my account because she does not want to make one. She could technically make her own but she says she will have a hard time handling an account since she works night shift. Sharing an account works for us since we are both busy.

Most of her articles are about her travels so I highly suggest you read her works if you are interested in travelling.

  1. Curse

  2. How I Spent my Rest Days

  3. 308 Steps Worth

  4. It's just goodbye, not the end

  5. Stay away!!!

  6. Something worth to lose

  7. Make a wish, it's 11.11

  8. Getting older and wiser

  9. Once upon a time

  10. Move, it's your path

  11. The good old pain

  12. The world in my head

  13. Team Building: Rocamae Mountain Resort

Closing words

This is where I will end the article since I have a finals today. I need to prepare for it now. Not surprisingly, I just literally do not care anymore about my academic performance haha. I just really want to have a short break. This semester was compressed so we were pushed to learn a lot in such a short amount of time and some professors are inconsiderate.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   356
11 months ago
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That's quite a lot of articles for the month of November. Cngrats to you and your sister.

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11 months ago

Good luck sa exam gurllll. Wow dami mo din na published no hehe sana all Wish you a good luck

$ 0.03
11 months ago

Yays!! Ang daming ganap sis.. Ang dami mo'ng ngawa din no.. Keep it up sis!😊

$ 0.03
11 months ago

Andami mong na published, almost for the whole month. Anyways, good luck sa exam mo Zehra! 😗

$ 0.03
11 months ago

What a productive month you have sis. You are so lucky that your sister is also supportive. God bless sa inyo at sa pag-aaral mo.😊

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11 months ago

You've had a wonderful journey in November. I know every one of your articles is beautiful. Because I read most of the articles. Good luck for the day ahead.

$ 0.03
11 months ago

I'm sure you have an amazing articles sis. Congrats to your November!🎉❤️ A huge blessings from God.🙏 More blessings to come sis.🙏😇

God bless to your finals sis. I know you can do it. Trust yourself. Don't forget to pray. I know God will always beside you.🙏

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11 months ago

Shalla naka 28 kana article last month! :) Anyways, balik face to face na kayo diba?

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11 months ago

Mukhang di pa po kami balik f2f. Baka unahin daw mga graduating students tas next academic year yung iba

$ 0.00
11 months ago

Two of you entertained us, taught us & enriched our knowledge with your articles. Looking forward for more. Thanks.

$ 0.03
11 months ago

Good luck for your finals. So true some professors are inconsiderate, who seems like doesn't care his/her students situation.

$ 0.03
11 months ago