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January 2022 Articles Summary

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10 months ago
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It is the end of the month so it is time to share the links to all of the articles we managed to publish in this account. I am pretty proud of ourselves this month because we actually managed to publish 30 articles. Manju missed one article when she had a toothache and a fever. Well, I guess if you count this articles summary we technically managed to publish 31 articles this January.

It is amazing considering that we are both busy most of the times. I am happy that we are able to publish this many articles even when we sometimes struggle to come up with ideas. Also, there were certain times where just even going here to write does not seem appealing but we still managed to do our best.

Actually, I was trying to figure out if maybe I should start just posting these links in a short post but I figured that I actually like being able to share my thoughts about certain articles.

Let me give a bit of January overview before we dive into the articles summary.

This month is full of ups and downs well for the market it is mostly down. But that is okay. Actually, I had a bit of realization that when I started here, it was the peak of BCH. I was starting when BCH reached around P70,000 and I remember wishing that I had accumulated more before that time. I actually checked out the prices from a few months ago and I thought that if I had been present during that kind of dip, I would have been able to have more BCH.

Guess what? In my eight months of stay, I finally had the dip that I wanted back when BCH was stable at around P40,000. While the fiat value of my accumulated BCH does not look much, the amount of BCH my wallets have makes my heart incredibly happy.

It is just the start of 2022 and I already have around 0.60BCH in multiple wallets. This does not even include the unrealized profits I have on smartBCH. Last I checked, my tokens there amounted to 0.55BCH. Which is not bad since all of that is my profit from a 0.15BCH investment.

So all in all, I can say that it is a great start for 2022. In my 8 months here, I already cashed out 2BCH most of which were spent in my hobbies and bills. It is amazing how my sister and I are so close to getting another 1 BCH. Hopefully, this time around I can HODL some for the future instead of just converting most of it to fiat.

With that said, here are the articles published in this account for January 2022. It is separated into two parts: my articles and Manju's articles. I am not gonna be leaving a summary for each articles since I have a class in a few minutes. I am just trying to publish it before class starts since it will end at 9:00PM and I will be super sleepy by then.

My Articles

  1. One color at a time

  2. Shame comes knocking

  3. Things to remember this 2022

  4. Patience has never been my strong suit

  5. The aftermath

  6. The Real Magic

  7. Finally present

  8. A true friend

  9. The promises we made

  10. The things I miss

  11. A Small Drop of Change

  12. Another (and hopefully last) Shot

  13. The Inevitable

  14. I am still not ready

  15. A Reasonable Doubt

  16. Habits that you might want to let go

  17. Boundaries in Relationship

  18. The trap in self-help books

Manju's Articles

  1. To Whom I Will Become

  2. The Holidays

  3. A Beautiful Smile To Hide The Pain

  4. Memories Down The Lane

  5. Missing The Waves

  6. Love it when you hate me

  7. Dear Friend,

  8. A Sad Day

  9. Responsibilities of being the Eldest

  10. The Other Side

  11. Patience, Patience

  12. The Hardest Goodbye

Closing Words

This is the links to all the articles we have written this month. Feel free to check out some that might have caught your attention.

I will end this article here so I can go to the online class now.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   356
10 months ago
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Wow your BCH journey is full of abundance. Congrats! Take advantage na lang natin muna tong low price sis.

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10 months ago

Nice review of the articles! I do hope that you will achieve more here! Just keep grinding and grinding and your goals will be met.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Nakss! Sana all may katulong sa pag.publish...Anyways, Congratulations for the achievements. Nawa'y marami pang darating. Sure naman ako na marami pa talaga. God bless you sis!😇

$ 0.00
10 months ago

I like the way you both share this platform. Both of you are good at writing. I appreciate both of you. More blessings are coming.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

You were able to write everyday in the month of January, keep it up friend!

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Its very amusing that you've managed to published 31 articles this month even though you have class and responsibilities need to attend. I bet you've accumulate decent income despite of bloody market right now still it's the perfect opportunity to save money and also buy if we have enough money.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Grats sa profits..

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Wow 30 article sis! You did great with your sister. A big achievements. Congrats sis for the month of January!🎉 I know you will achieve more this February. I'm really happy for you. ❤️

This is really motivational. I want to read some articles like this because it gives me a hope and motivation to strive also and never stop whatever happens.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

How nice... You managed to post an article everyday

$ 0.00
10 months ago