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Boosting articles

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1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)

As of today, you can boost articles.

Boosted articles are shown across and greatly increase the visibility of the article.

You can boost your own articles or anyone else's.

The amount of views you get is in proportion to the daily bid you set. If you place a bid of $0.01 per day and someone else places $0.02 per day, that means that you get about 33% of views and another person would get approximately 66% of views.

After you set the daily bid, you need to add some money. If your daily bid is $0.10 and you send only $0.05 that means your boost will be active for about 12 hours.

You can change your bid and add more money at any time.

Example of a boosted article

It is of course integrated with our affiliate program, so you get 3% of every boost of the people who signed up using one of your links.

How to boost an article

  1. Go to any article (by you or anyone else)

  2. Click the boost icon

  3. Select how much money per day are you willing to spend on this boost

  4. Send some money to this boost

  5. Click the boost icon frantically to see some stats

  6. If you need to change your bid or add some money - just click the boost icon again

Here's an animation that explains it better:

It's a very new feature with basically zero competition, so a few cents should be enough to get some exposure.

Don't go crazy - there aren't that many visitors on (yet).

Note that a "view" here means that the user saw the link to the article (like you see on the main page), while a "click" means that a user went to the actual article.

This is an another experiment, we'll see how it goes.

Have fun!

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Written by   6083
1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)
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