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June 2022 Articles Summary + 0.64BCH

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5 months ago
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This month is full of ups and down. I can clearly see it when I check the mood tracker that I started this month. Most of the days were red like the market these days, but red on my mood tracker means a depressed mood. And it was a bit saddening to see that so many days of the months are red.

But I still feel glad to see the green that shows me having a great mood. Even though majority of the month is red, the green days are what keeps me going.

Now let us see how this ups-and-downs in my mood affected my performance in grinding.


Here are the articles I have written for this month. I started it with flying colors to officially welcome Pride month. I am still a bit surprised to see that it is already the last day of June.

Anyway, mood is not just the only thing affected with my disorder. My energy, and concentration also suffers. Despite starting my medication again, I faced the same problems since it will take a lot of time before my body got used to the same medication again after suddenly stopping. Even now that I have taken it for about 3 weeks, I still have trouble with the side effects so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it gets better soon.

  1. Stand with Pride

  2. You are not broken

  3. Free mental health consultation and medication

  4. It is tiring but necessary

  5. Words like Knives

  6. A little bit of color back to my life

  7. Reopening my small crochet shop slowly + BCH

  8. Getting back into arts again

  9. Last Month of Free Teleconsult

  10. More dates to come

  11. To see you again, after such a long time

  12. Applying for PWD ID

  13. Enjoy Avocados in Three Ways

  14. You are a green flag

  15. An Unexpected Plot Twist in my Life

  16. Emptying my BCH wallets

  17. To sleep the day away

  18. Making a Spiderman Keychain

  19. Know what bipolar disorder is

  20. Make crochet orders with me

  21. Thank you BCH for making this possible

  22. An Introvert's Adventure

  23. Get P13800 worth of medication for free + 1BCH Unlocked (Again)

  24. When BCH recovers

  25. Restocking crochet items

  26. They grew up so fast (Part 1)

  27. They grew up so fast (Part 2)

  28. Such a joyous day

Here you can see that I managed to publish 28 articles this month. 29 if you include this articles summary.

Most of the articles I published are personal as in sharing vulnerable sides of myself unlike the other articles I have in the past which are carefully drafted to build an image that I wanted others to see.

Starting last month, I decided to be more open and honest about my struggles instead of just sharing achievements and manic episodes where I seem to be the most productive person around. This month I continued what I started.

I also started to share where you can find resources as well, and I hope that it helped someone get the courage to seek help as well. Remember that there is nothing wrong with seeing a professional. Life is already hard enough without undiagnosed illnesses hindering us.

BCH Earnings

As you might imagine, the dip in this market provided a great opportunity to accumulate BCH. The fiat equivalent might not be much right now but I believe like most people here that BCH will recover. It might take a month or years, but the fact will not change that we will see the green BCH that we miss.

As you can see from this screenshot, I earned 0.193 BCH at the first half of the month. I was mostly inactive then since I restarted taking my medication and I was battling a bad battle of my self-image and being in a state of denial about my condition despite telling the world that I had accepted it.

After the first two weeks, I started to get my bearings straight. Mostly thanks to my partner, and family. My partner was a constant in my ups-and-downs and it helped me have some sort of safe haven despite my ever see-sawing moods.

My family also provided support despite their constant denial of my illness. It also helped that we celebrated 2 birthdays this month on the 2nd part of June which helped me keep my mood up for some days.

Of course, how could I forget the amazing experience I have of receiving crochet orders from strangers? It really motivated me to keep doing this hobby of mine.

Going back to my BCH earnings, you can see that I earned 0.448 BCH for the second part of the month.

It is honestly unexpected since you can see that I started missing out on writing an article at the second part of the month due to either depression or celebration of birthdays.

Unexpected though it may be, it is still a welcome surprise for this month.

Overall, I managed to earn 0.64 BCH for this month alone. I will be staying quite now how much BCH I have since it might invite more trouble than I can be bothered to deal with.

This is easily the largest amount of BCH I accumulated in a month, and I could not have done this without any of you so thank you very much for the support.

Closing words

I have a plan for July which might mean sacrificing my daily grind on both and

I am on the path of trying to improve myself and develop skills that will make me a valuable asset in the future.

And while both platforms provided me a great opportunity to earn, it is not a stable source of income and I am not actually challenging myself here aside from making sure to write daily.

I will not share my plans for now since I get lazy when I do that.

Anyway, these are just the things that I wanted to share before I take my medication for today.

I hope that you also had a fruitful June. I will definitely miss my rainbow themed lead image.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   356
5 months ago
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Ang galing mo sis. Ang dami mong nasulat. Sana patuloy pa sis. Congratulations sis

$ 0.00
5 months ago

June was full of blessings, I didn't reach that level of achievement.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Congrats sis, that's already a good income

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Wow! 0.64 BCH and 28 articles??? Grabe! Congrats sis! Gusto ko din itry ganyan na parang araw araw nag pupublish.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

That's really amazing to write 29 article in a month. Congrats on your achievement.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Ohoyyy galing, and congrats naman (◕ᴗ◕✿)

$ 0.00
5 months ago

congrats, you did very well, and you earned very well too

do you have any advice for beginners writers? on how to earn in

$ 0.00
5 months ago

You just missed 1 article this month, and it's super good. Also, your earnings are really high. Congrats.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

I admit I like you rainbow themed lead image. That's indeed a bumpy ride. Hope all is well this coming July. Cheers to your goals!

$ 0.00
5 months ago