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Get P13800 worth of medication for free + 1BCH Unlocked (Again)

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4 days ago
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Who in the world would even say no to free things? As far as I know, people would do anything to get something for free. Be it faking their age or their birthdays/proposals etc., people would do stupid things for free things.

Now imagine if the free things you can have are those that you really need. Say for example a medication.

No need to imagine

With the right knowledge acquired, free medication will no longer just exist in your mind. It will be a part of reality.

This is what happened to me. I discovered the free psychiatric consultation of NCMH which then led to my introduction to Malasakit Center.

What is Malaskit Center?

I honestly do not know the exact mission and vision of this. All I know is that it helps Filipinos afford their healthcare. As far as I know, it is not just medication that they give for free but also laboratory and diagnostic tests.

Getting P13800 worth of medications

As I have opened up before, I am diagmosed with bipolar affective disorder. It is a mood disorder with no known cure as of the moment, but the condition can be managed by therapy and medication.

The medication I am taking is Quetiapine 300mg. When I checked the price for it, I learned that the cheapest is around P138.

If I would not get medication with the help of Malasakit Center, I would need to spend more than P4000 every month just for medication.

So you can see why I am so grateful for the existence of Malasakit Center.

This is part of my prescription. I am just taking care because I do not want anyone to edit my prescription so they can self-medicate themselves.

These are the medication I received. As you can see, it is a lot. These medications are good for 3 months.

So if you are in need of medication, look for Malasakit Centers near you. I think there are Malasakit Centers on hoapitals if I am not mistaken.

The requirements are simple for me- prescription from NCMH, certificate of indigency, and photocopy of valid ID. It is a worthwhile trade of a bit of requirements and time for the amount of medication I got for free.

Let's move on to BCH

Remember that I already unlocked 1BCH HODL before? Well, I remember but I forgot when it happened. It feels like it happened a long time ago. Maybe because I needed to spend the 1 BCH for my therapy, consultations, and medications back then.

But now, I have found some breathing room in the financial aspect of my treatment since I am takin advantage of the free services I could avail.


This time around, I unlocked 1 BCH again without me realizing it. I just had a bit of urge to check the total amiunt of BCH I have on my wallets right now and I am surprised to see that I already have 1 BCH again.

Here is the screenshot of my BCH wallets on The estimated total of this is 0.70 BCH.

The remaining 0.30 BCH is found here aty wallet.

Closing words

I am sharing my knowledge on free medication because I want to be able to help point someone into a place twhere they can get the help they need. Hopefully, someone will read this and be able to get help for the financial aspect of their healthcare needs.

I am sharing my BCH achievement not to brag nor inspire. I just want to show you guys how much your support means to me.

It is easy to say that I am thankful for your support, but I find that it is better to show what your support helps me achieve. Because of your continued support, I was able to get the money for my treatment, and now I am able to hold 1 BCH again.

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   341
4 days ago
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Woahhh Malasakit Center is a great help sis

$ 0.01
3 days ago

Wala bang limit yung paghingi ng assistance dyan sa Malasakit Center? Good to hear na you're getting the help that you need ❤️. Congratulations for unlocking another 1 BCH :))

$ 0.01
2 days ago

As far as I know merong ibang combination ng meds na di parehas free, like ung isang prescribed is free then the other meds ay you have to pay for. Pero from what I've seen sa mga nakasama ko sa pila for meds, minsan they could have 6 boxes of two different kinds of meds so I'm not sure if may limit ba.

$ 0.00
2 days ago

a place that supports many people, may you always be blessed because such a place is hard to find, has a high social spirit.

$ 0.01
3 days ago

Congrats sa 1bch again 🥰

$ 0.01
3 days ago

Happy for you sis! Nabasa ko rin sa news ang up may grant din for mental health care.

$ 0.01
3 days ago