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In my future house

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2 months ago

All my life, my family and I stayed in one place. The home that we have is all that I have ever known. I know that we are still lucky to have a place to call our own, but I know that every members of my family wish for something better.

As a child, I remember promising grand things to my parents. A big bouse with a wide yard as well as a swimming pool. They laughed back then but still humored my dreams. My sisters and I go about planning our future house, what color it should, where should we buy one, just things like that.

The more time that passed, I start to realize how fortunate we are to even have a place to call our own. It might not have the largest space but it provides us a safe place.

I also started to see just how ridiculously expensive houses are! Especially those that we dreamed of having back then. Maybe in the future we will be able to afford it, when me and my siblings are all working. My only hope is that my parents are still with us to enjoy that moment.

Anyway, I do not plan on living with my family forever. I also have a dream of moving out and living by myself. So that is what I wanted to share in this article.

A library

This is the main reason why I want a house for myself. My parents and sisters never understood the appeal of keeping books so I know that the chances of me getting the library of my dreams are slim to none.

I want a library with a big window to let in a lot of sunlight, so that I can read comfortably. I also want there to be lots of spaces where I can relax without worries.

A balcony

I want a balcony at my room where I can enjoy the view. Maybe I will sip my morning coffee there or drink a wine at night.

A yard

I want to have a small yard so that I can get some pets. I don't want to get a pet that will have to stay cooped up because I have no safe space for them to play around. So I want to have a yard for my pets. Although, I think I will reserve that for when I am living with someone else.

I honestly don't think my energy will be able to keep up with taking care of a pet alone 24/7. So yup, a yard for when I live with someone and could finally adopt a pet.

Arts and Crafts room

If you had been reading my articles for some time, you might know that I have a LOT of hobbies. My interests really involve different things which is why I have a lot of stuff in my room.

When I finally own a house, I want a place where I can keep my stuff for painting, crocheting, sewing, knitting, making airdry clay trinkets, and more. I think that aside from a library, this room will be my personal space where I can forget my problems and just do what I love.

Guest room/s

I expect friends and family members to pay a visit sometimes so I definitely want to have a spare room where they can be comfortable should they want to stay overnight or more.


For my bedroom, I just want a place without a lot of things. I want to be a place where I take care of myself so I'll probably have a closet (walk in closet if possible) and a mirror for when I need to fix my face.

For the bed, I want it to be big but not that big because I feel uncomfortable with a lot of space left. I feel like a ghost is lying there with me haha. Which reminds me that I want my bed to have one side against the wall HAHA, don' judge me. I have weird dreams so I learned how to be comfortable when sleeping.


I have so many dreams for what my kicthen could look like that I don't even know where to start. What I can say though is that I want there to be a big enough space where I can bake and cook at the same time.


I want a bath tub. Enough said. Haha, just kidding. I have never really experience taking a bath in a tub so I wanted that for as long as I can remember. Although, I think the desire for a bath tub is fading slightly except for the times when I can feel how tired my body is and I just wanna stay submerged in hot water to relax.

Closing words

For now all the things I wrote here are just part of my dreams. Maybe when the Smart BCH tokens get more successful, my dreams will become a reality soon haha *fingers crossed*.

Of course these are just some wishful thinking. I might change my mind when I see just how much building a house like that will cost HAHA. I was just thinking about the future more these days since my birthday is coming up so I feel the intense need to suddenly get my life together. Hopefully it fades away after my birthday haha.

Anyway, time to sleep now so good night!

Thank you for reading this article!

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Written by   269
2 months ago
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Aigoo.. Imagine ko lang din yan sis, pero sana magkatotoo yang dream na bahay mo.. Hehe.. Ako, gusto ko rin yung may sarili din talagang place para dun ako magmuni-muni din.

Anyways, alam ko pagdating ng araw, makakamit mo yan. Tiwala at effort lang talaga.. Kaya yan!☺️💪

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2 months ago

Nice house. Masarap talaga magkaroon ng bahay na meron kang place kung saan para lang sayo. Minsan macutious din ako sa bath tub😅 sanay kasi ako sa batya.😅😅

Mangyayari din yan sis,💚

$ 0.00
2 months ago

No worries.. Soon you’ll have one like this. But recently we made our house. It was so painful and bothersome.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Gogogooooo you can achieve tour dream soon so keep moving. That was a nice house. It is always a good side on us if we decide what kind of house we want to live. I also have my dream house... Good to know this coming from you friend

$ 0.00
2 months ago

When you get your dream house, I would like to eat from your big kitchen 🌚

$ 0.00
2 months ago

You know, I really want to build a house like this. I don't know if I can do it. But yes, there are many similarities with your plan. Same Same. Yes, if your house is already there. Then invite me. I will come to your house, and see.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Bet ko naman magka own study room dn. At dun narn ang library at doing crafts. So medyo malaki na yun. Haha. Gang pangarap lng din 😅

$ 0.00
2 months ago

And why not? It's free to dream hehe.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Fingers Crossed!

$ 0.00
2 months ago