September Report

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5 months ago
October 01, 2022

The first "Ber" month was not very productive in terms of earnings Bitcoin Cash. Though I have been trying to achieve My Goals for September. About goals, it will be my next article, here I will discuss the previous month (September).

In September I published 34 articles, whereas the goal was to publish 35. Well, if it has been making you confused, I will explain about 34 articles. September has 30 days, and similarly 5 weeks (Fridays). A list of articles is given at the end of this article. 

The goal was to publish one (01) article every day and publish a report of the previous week's activities on Friday, which will be not counted as normal articles and will be just an extra. However, on second last Friday, I couldn't publish an article due to my busyness in classes and lab.

Let's focus on the current month's report.


First thing first, let's discuss my earnings in the month of September first, later other things. In total, I earned 0.457276 BCH ($ 56.48 at current rate $ 123.52), which is around 0.07 BCH ($ 8.65) less than previous month.

read (dot) cash was not as productive as I was thinking and had planned, but not bad either. That may be due to the reeducation in tips or maybe not so interesting contents. In the early the Rusty was not so generous and kind, however, after mid of the month and especially in the last week it was so kind.

In read (dot) cash I earned 0.29152064 BCH in September 2022. September earnings was almost equals to August earnings. Thanks to all supporters, followers, readers, donators etc. especially @Coolmidwestguy for anytime availability. Due to these guys I reach almost 0.3 BCH.

noise (dot) cash was also not as productive as previous month was, that is indeed due the reduction in FreeTips distribution and that is why drastically reduction have been observed by lots of users.

In September I got 0.13283266 BCH in, which is almost half of August earnings. In August it was around 0.232 BCH.

I updated my wallet in in September 20, 2022 at 15:27 (Pakistan Standard Time)

In got 0.0329227 BCH. In around 10 days 0.033 that's not bad, the highest tip I got is $ 0.05 and the lowest is $ 0.02 in


Got only two (02) sponsors in September. @remona and @flapiz . However, one (01) sponsor @bmjc98 expired.


In the month of September, I got 38 new followers, whereas in the previous month (August) I got 40 followers, almost the same as the previous only 2 below.


This month I got only two affiliates in read dot cash, i.e. @Dr.IjazKhalid,@Digitalgentle, and only one in the noise dot cash ( YusraAwan )

List of articles published in September:

  1. Truth or Dare

  2. Week #9 Activities (September 23 to 29, 2022)

  3. 5 things that make me Sad

  4. 5 Things that make me Happy

  5. Have You Ever - 5 out of 30 Questions

  6. I Want to Kiss, Marry, And Kick - A Challenge

  7. What do I do when I open eyes or mobile?

  8. I Used to be a Doctor

  9. Week #8 Activities (September 16 to 22, 2022)

  10. Earning Strategy To Get More BCH

  11. Personal Statement

  12. The Death

  13. Everything that has a start has an end

  14. 10 Out of 100+ Interview Questions About Writing

  15. The End of the Summer Vacation

  16. My Final Project

  17. Week #7 Activities (September 09 to 15, 2022)

  18. Do You Think Love Makes People Change? A Response to Amjid_Ali_Waince

  19. My Confession

  20. Yahooo! Selected for the Ugrad Scholarship 2023

  21. Ugrad Scholarship 2023 under USEFP

  22. A Day in the Hospital with Mama

  23. Brave Browser Rewards - Transfer assets from Uphold to another Wallet

  24. Brave Browser Rewards - Convert / Swap (BAT to BCH)

  25. Week #6 Activities (September 02 to 08, 2022)

  26. - latest and better version of

  27. My Hopes for My Goals

  28. Brave Browser Rewards - What's Next?

  29. The 4 Rules of My Favorite School Teacher

  30. How to Find a Topic for Your Article

  31. Getting $150 in September

  32. My Goals for September

  33. Week #5 Activities (August 26 to September 01)

  34. August Report - 0.53BCH + 2.866BAT - Total: ~$62

That's all for today. Thanks for reading and for your time. See you next time or in my other articles.

Don't forget to support me, if you think this article is interesting or want more interesting articles in the future.

Please remember me in your prayers. Stay safe and blessed. Have a great time, and enjoy what you are and what you have.


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5 months ago


Congrats! Keep hustling!

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5 months ago

You still fared better than most of us in and app and even here in read. Well done!

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5 months ago

I am so glad for you supportive and encouraging feedback. The goal was different in each platform, gonna share about it... You may find that

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5 months ago

You are doing great in than me.. I only earned 0.08 there. Still congrats, just hold your BCH it will value more soon.

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5 months ago

I will hold my BCH, thank you for everything, including reading and feedback

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5 months ago

You did great in September! Hopefully October will be nice to you and all of us too.

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5 months ago

Congratulations sis I witnessed how hard working you are wish you good luck for October

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5 months ago

It's a lot to me. Glad when I get such reply. Bundle of thanks

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5 months ago

Wow! You are incredible my dear. Congratulations to your achievements dear. 🥰👏👏👏 You deserve it all! More to go!

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5 months ago

I am pleased you landed here and left positive and encouraging feedback... Thanks a lot dear sister. Have a good day

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5 months ago

Well, its my pleasure my dear sister. Same goes for you. Love yah!

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5 months ago

Wow 35 articles in a month. You're very productive in writing articles last month. Congratulations, I admire your consistency in publishing articles.

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5 months ago

I write 34, I was supposed to write 35, missed one day. Anyways I am so thankful and grateful for such application and encouragement

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5 months ago