The $1 Dollar Question!

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$1 Dollar Question Giveaway! #PayItForward

Words are not enough to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who supported me on my journey in this platform. If only I could write thousands of articles just to prove how much I mean it, I would have done it already.

But again, thank you so much for all of your overwhelming love and support that you have showered me since Day 1. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful and I appreciate all of you.

This success I am getting on this site is not mine alone. It also belongs to the people who inspired me, motivated me, and pushed me to continue writing and to carry on. That being said, you are a part of my simple successes and achievements on this site. If not because of you, I wouldn't have gone this far.

I am so lucky and blessed to have a supportive community who shares knowledge and ideas on how I will be able to grow and become the best version of myself.

And because this success is also yours to celebrate, I am again organizing a giveaway contest as my simple way of giving back to this amazing community.

For the Mechanics:

  1. Subscribe to my page

  2. Like this article

  3. The most important mechanic, write and publish an article that answers the question below.

  4. Mention me on your article, and include the link of this giveaway in it.

  5. Comment the link of your article on the comment box and tag 2 friends.

The $1 Question is:

"What does "SUCCESS" mean to you?"

Your article must be something personal. Please, don't copy other people's articles. Or else, your entry will be disqualified. You are free to share your experiences about your successes in life, your hardships, your failures and how you were able to surpass them. The more heart touching it is, the better chance of winning. Be creative.

For the prizes:

Champion- $1.00

2nd place- $0.50

3rd place- $0.25

4th place- $0.10

5th place- $0.05

Consolation prize for all participants- $0.01

How to determine the winners:

I am a fan of inspiring articles, so I myself will be the one to judge the entries. Whatever my decision is, I hope you will respect it.

Duration of the contest:

Submission of entries will end on September 18, 2020, Friday at 8:00 P.M., Philippine time.

The announcement of winners will be on September 20, 2020, Sunday, at 12:00 noon, Philippine time.


Thank you, @Musso, for this logo.

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3 years ago
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