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BCH GiveAway for #BCHDay!🎉

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11 months ago

Hello everyone!
In connection to the upcoming celebration of #BCHDay, I'll be giving away $5 worth of BCH.

I will give 1$ each to 5 random persons using the "Wheel of Names".

Here are the rules to the said event:

1. Subscribe to my profile @OverThinker as well as these profiles: @ladyhanabi and @Yayaya13

2. Make an article/short post regarding your experience here in and include the importance of BCH.
3. Include the link of this post and mention me so I'll get notified.
4. Paste the link of your article/short post to the comment section below "*THIS ARTICLE*".
5. There will only be one (1) entry per person.

Good luck!

$ 0.06
$ 0.05 from @Alther
$ 0.01 from @Her-bert
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Avatar for OverThinker
Written by   225
11 months ago
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