Do I Take Advantage of Young Women?

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1 year ago

I got this critique (pinned comment) on my recent video "How to get a pretty girl"

"I guess moving to a 3rd world country preying on young girls from slums is one way to do it. How's your success on getting girls that are not from 3rd world and able to take care of themselves financially?" - Simon

Here my rebuttal:

Moving to developing country indeed helps me to find more beautiful and younger girls than in developed world, indeed because many need money / a providing guy much more as their life is much worse than western girls (for example washing clothes by hand for hours per day, living with insects and animals, having no food sometimes, no decent doctors/hospitals in case got sick) and therefore they don't mind that I'm double their age or have polygamous relationship.

But that is not the only advantage of moving to Africa, being the only younger looking white male, that many black women perceive more desirable as richer and kinder than black man, helps a lot also to be able to get higher quality women. The only white male black women in Africa can get are older ones that look 50/60 that often just want a good time and is honest about that, which is already better as many* black men who more often cheat, beat or provide little money. But a white man that looks 30/40 and wants to start family very rare and therefore very valuable.

I found it hard to find beautiful young girls (18 to 20) in Europe as they thought I was too old at 37. I'm also not interested in girls who value 'studying' (even though they learn little of value) and 'career' (even though they likely will make little money and will have to pause their career when getting children later) as I make more then enough money myself, want to make babies and am not going to wait years for her to be ready, and then only do half a job as they look down on being a housewife taking care of their man and children and are distracted by their 'career'.

Of course, being just an average looking white male between thousands of other white men also didn't help in standing out and getting top girls.

But I did have 2 relationships in Europe, albeit themselves poor immigrants as they tend to be more hot than the white girl I could get (1 black Indian women age 34, 1 Asian girl age 21) where we tried to have children for 1 year but unsuccessfully. Turns out first was likely infertile but never told me but likely knew, as she left me the moment things got serious and we would start with hospital IFV, the second likely started taking anti conception pills behind my back as her hips and tities grew a lot during that year.

In summary: I'm not preying on young girls, as I am not exploiting, threatening or abusing them. They are voluntarily choosing for me and staying with me, which proves the deal they get from me is to their satisfaction and benefits us mutually.

Check out other great videos I made on the topic:

*many black men: black men seem to cheat more often but the reason is that many women are also responding very jealous and unaccepting if the man would openly have a second women and of course, many women cheat also.

Africa seems to be transforming from a polygamous into monogamous society copying many of the cultural influences from the West. Feminism on tv is blatant where you see women constantly complain about abusive and cheating husbands but never discuss abusive cheating women. I certainly don't want to jump on that bandwagon.

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