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Let's hear from the Real Expert Investor Mr. De Mesel

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Written by Β Β 101
3 weeks ago

A day ago Sir @MarcDeMesel posted that he will be having an interview with one of the crypto enthusiast and user of both and @cryptotexty . As someone trying to familiarize and do more research about the crypto world I decided to spend sometime and listen to it.

I'd like to highlight important details on this interview and maybe share my opinion.

  • His stand for investing projects.

  • About and comparison

  • and a CHARITY?

  • Would he invest on NFT?

  • A Lil about his Life and his fun of Women

Here's the link in case you may want to see it:


Source: Unsplash -Mr. De Mesel referred that he wanted to invest a project who is constructed like a building or a house. It should have fundamentals.
  • He invest on something when it's dumping.

  • He wants to protect his capital a lot more nowadays.

  • DeFi -he admitted he was wrong he did not invest but he mentioned he really don't see opportunities for me.

  • He don't invest on projects that doesn't have fundamentals. He mentioned, you have to build a good foundation.

  • Admitting he can also be wrong at some point and ask advise to other people before he take risk despite being rich.

  • He is a risk taker but he dont bump into project just like that. He often think logically.

  • Reality many investors dont learn valuable lessons. They end up doing other things of their life.

  • We have so many people that has a lot to invest but does not know how. He help other people to invest. And advice to seek for professional help instead of investing by their own.

  • He is also into attracting capital from other people.

  • He wanted to invest or fund projects has smart capital and has to understand the fundamental of investing. There are also a lot of things to consider such as Laws and Regulations that you have to understand so it wont put you into trouble. Especially that it may different from one country to another.

  • In investing or fund we have to expect returns attracting capital and marketing and being smart about it.

  • Lifetime focus is needed when investing.

  • Got attracted to bitcoin cash not just investment focused. He likes how it is being build. Much more important at the success of the building is how it is build, architecture and engineering.

  • Whenever someone approached him to fund for a project he would think logically example :

    -How useful?

    -What do I do with it?

    -How much profit will I gain? and

Source: My own screenshot.

Mr. De Mesel mentioned that when he found it is already 6 months of its operations.

As for TheRandomRewarder - he mentioned when he knew about this he didn't like it. He don't like anything that's more of a giveaway. But then, it was explained to him that it is gonna be an algorithm and so he realized that's a great idea since it is never easy to read hundreds of articles and identify which has quality contents. and a CHARITY?

Mr. De Mesel made it clear that he don't take and as a charity but rather an investment. He stated, "When you give them something for free what will they do with it? More usage for bitcoin cash more people. Its not a charity for me its a way for me to gain value with bitcoin cash because I have much."

He mentioned about his thoughts between digital and physical world he said, "In digital world it's so easy to make fake accounts so what's the returns? Digital world is a lot thousand times worst compared to physical world."

He also admitted that spreading awareness and get people to adopt crypto or bitcoin cash is difficult. He stated, "How can you get people to crypto to try it is very difficult. You have to study,its difficult to reach mass adoption. "

As for and users he believed, "They value what they got because they work for it. To spread new currency is to start pay people with it."

When asked why he liked He mentioned," is user friendly and i can just deposit and tip someone and it shows right away. It is also easy to login it needs not a lot of things to put just get into your email then password then that's it."

He also mentioned that he personally read articles in but only on low percentage and if they show good title. Sometimes i go directly to the conclusion.

When mentioned about him tipping he stated, "Im looking for authencity from people that are authentic. I check peoples profiles histories and other work before I tip them. Many people try to spam me and try to trick me."

As for, 4 thousand dollars is spent per day but he said isnt easy to trick compared to noise.

He also noticed that those who post quality content can now get more earnings in both platforms. He said he got $40 tips whe before he could only gain around $1-$2.

He invested on and because for him it has a - Smart guy that builds platform that can filter people who produce quality content.

NFT -Non Fungible Tokens

When asked about investing NFT he simply stated, " totally ignored this trend. I dunno whats goin on the nft".

His Life and His fun of Women

Source: Unsplash- Mr. De Mesel also has Lambor

Mr. De Mesel is vocal about his likes of Women. He mentioned he has 2 girlfriends currently and is looking for a 3rd one. He divides his time wisely since he also have kids to both girlfriends. He mentioned he likes pretty girls at around 18-25 of course should be pretty and sexy.

Way before he wanted to to become a successful entrepreneur but i dont have the confidence. When he reached 30 he realized he should start building himself. He then learned ways to deal with life. He took theraphy and took a step back from family and some friends. He mentioned that sorrounding your life with friends that has the same thoughts matters.

He said it took 6-7 years before he got successful with investing. Despite him being straight forward of being wealthy he humbled himself stating he isn't a good investor also because he don't directly grab when he sees opportunities. He said he already realized about financial crisis back in 2015. Yet he still lost money when financial crisis hit but he did not lost much compared to other investors or entrepreneurs.

As for being an investor or entrepreneur, his advise is,
"If you want returns you need to take risk,
but calculate the risk."

Personally speaking, I am still thinking of what's gonna be the best way to promote bitcoin cash but I decided to see and start it with my family, then my friends. Flexing it in social media won't come easy if I am just alone just like what Mr. De Mesel mentioned it is not easy to spread awareness and have people adopt cryptocurrency.


Success doesn't come easy and overnight. You have to be wise and learn to push the right buttons. Be with people who drives you to become successful.

Don't invest if you don't know how to take the risk. Investment maybe risky but success when hits the peak.

Lastly, confidence is the key!

Credits to : @cryptotexty for such an awesome interview.

If there is anything that needs to be corrected with how I understood all the important points or if you would like to add up anything and/or share your thoughts? Comment down. Let's interact.

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Written by Β Β 101
3 weeks ago
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Nice first article on the Bitcoin Cash Hub. Was a pleasure curating it. Also, I feel Jane's pain, my content is also often not deemed "quality" by Rusty. He sometimes has strange tastes :P Cheers

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3 weeks ago

I thought it's only me 🀣 not all my article has tips.. And even if hoe much effort I made writing the article, it's not well paid off. But if you will see other effortless article with huge tips, you'll be envious

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3 weeks ago

Happens to me a lot, I go out for curating and I stumble upon bogus articles with huge tips..

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3 weeks ago

Thank you Max. Indeed I understand Jane. Sometimes I find Rusty kinda weird as well. He upvotes more on my articles with DRAMA'S but not much when it is related to my bch journey and the likes. Hahahahaha sometimes I find Rusty a gossiper πŸ˜… he likes gossip and stories lol

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3 weeks ago

I did not watch the video yet, but thanks to this.. I don't need to watch it anymore.. About gaining good tips for posting quality contents..meaning my readcash articles are not good since I don't receive good tips from the bot lately? 🀣🀣 just so insulting.. I rather agree with the fact that the bot doesn't read the content and just giving tips randomly

$ 0.00
3 weeks ago

Hi Jane πŸ’š My take away for that thought is, the bot is still a system... And there is no perfect system. Based on the article I like to tip it was mentioned how many percentage is working for it and that would be the reason why bot did not visit your article. I don't often receive tips from the bot or cases are I would only get one cent and thats it but I saw someone posted here in read that he hasn't received anything from bot for 2 weeks.

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3 weeks ago

And what about those users who always received tips from the bot every day? Isn't it unfair? As well as the number of tips.. They always have huge tips in all of their articles.. While some are not even receiving tips or if there is, just a small amount.. Those tips should be distributed well not only to chosen users.. Coz we all are exerting effort here to write quality content articles.. And if I will base the tips on the content.. Others deserve to get more than those effortless articles with huge tips.. I saw many good articles, but with only small tips.. Coz the bot is stuck on selected accounts only.. There is always a bias here

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3 weeks ago

I can't agree more and I undertand as well especially that you produce quality contents just that we don't have the means to correct it. If we write an article regarding this matter we never can tell if how would they take it. That is why sometimes I only make fun of posting, ''where is rusty?" is he being kidnapped or something? But deep down i felt sad because for one, despite my article not more on crypto I exerted much effort and got nothin... But its their system... Hopefully admin can see it though but how? They dont even reply to emails when i tried to sent them an email for my account before.

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3 weeks ago

If I can only screw here, I would do it. They have the worst customer service.. only replying to selected users

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3 weeks ago

Nah, do not waste too much of your time. We can collaborate on whats best to do though.

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3 weeks ago