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The Treasure Of Bitcoin Cash "Native BCH game"

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1 year ago

Hello community, a little absent but not distant!!

I have taken some time to reflect and acquire new knowledge and today I wanted to show you all a little of my work in the area of ​​programming.

When you start programming it is always good to practice with video games, those words "practice makes perfect" are well known. I have started in a world of programming that is not very easy but with effort and dedication everything is possible.

I present my first native video game of BITCOIN CASH "THE TREASURE OF BITCOIN CASH" with a very particular main character and loved in the BCH community our friend @MarcDeMesel

I have enjoyed each code with each error with each mistake that I have made while creating this game, I have enjoyed it every day I have learned something new and I know I have too much to learn but I hope you enjoy my contribution to this community.

Someday I promise you that this video game will be available on a native website of the Bitcoin cash community for now I have had to publish it on a video game page so that you can enjoy it, it is available a:

Possibly it won't be around for long, I'm sure this game will be a hit within our Bitcoin Cash community.

Sorry if you have some visual errors or some movement is not to your liking I am starting in the programming and I do not have the necessary technological equipment to do an excellent job.

Mr.@MarcDeMesel is our main character and we are proud of his, of his contribution to this community and of his support in spreading Bitcoin Cash in different parts of the world.

@RogerVer @Read.Cash

In support of I have added the QR code of your web address, where people who play "THE TREASURE OF BITCOIN CASH" will be able to acquire more knowledge about bitcoin cash

PLAY and do not forget

Good always conquers evil ...



$ 5.00
$ 5.00 from @MarcDeMesel
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Written by   8
1 year ago
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