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An Awesome Year With ReadCash And Bitcoin Cash

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7 months ago

June 18, 2021

For newbies here, let me tell you a story about how readcash works before you step on this platform and my 1-year journey.

It seems like yesterday when I joined The memories are as vivid to me today as they were one year ago. I was surfing on Facebook that day when I stumbled upon this post of@Annie1812 about readcash. She stated that by writing any kind of article, users can earn Bitcoin Cash, which I thought was the same as Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency I have learned from claiming satoshis on different faucets. But later I found out that BCH is different from BTC, and it was a fork of Bitcoin. I was only a noob back then and don't even know what Fork means as well as other cryptocurrencies and this blockchain stuff. I did not bother to learn about them either because what I was only after was to earn BCH.

Writing was not my forte as well, although I became a member of Filipino publication in high school, I preferred holding a rifle more than holding a writing pen. I don't even know how to write an article back then, but I wanted to enhance my writing skills. How I Got Here was my very first article, it's just a very short introductory article of a frustrated writer. I was always having a problem with what to write each day as I don't really know how to write a proper article. So my first month was mostly spent reading different articles, participating in different giveaways, photography, and writing contests, gaining ideas while meeting different users that later became my subscribers as well.

Old Point System

The platform was still using the old point system where users must be interactive to gain more points, the longer the articles and the comments, the higher the points. The higher the points, the higher the daily earning. But the value per point depends on the number of active users per day. The more active users the platforms have, the lower the value per point, for example, $1 per 100 points, or $1 per 200 points, depending on the number of active users per day. Many even find it difficult to get $1 per day and we felt happy every time we can receive $0.01 upvotes from other users.

My points after one month

My first withdrawal, from June 17-28 earnings.

After a month of writing and interacting, I saw an increase in my points and I was very happy every time I can get $0.51 to $1 per day. And I have learned that photography articles got more viewers and readers, so I wrote articles more on photography too and readcash-related articles.

Just imagine guys, $0.51 is just equivalent to a few user's upvotes today, but in the old system, it was our whole day income already. After a month I got 50 subscribers, well I wasn't really active in my first month. In the second month, I started to become active then I got more subscribers. And to give back to the community, I started to host giveaways as well, and my Weekend Giveaways started wherein my active readers can receive upvotes and sponsorship at the end of the week. @Gracee @Hanzell was my first set of beneficiaries.

My points getting higher day by day because I was getting more views and subscribers. And since I started to earn bigger points, I started to give upvotes to different articles, and it continued up to date. (And even if I'm not getting upvotes from the bot in this current system, I continued giving upvotes because I just can't leave an article without giving anything. But if my wallet is totally out of balance, that's the time that I can't give upvotes.).

Short Post Feature as Chat Box

Some users also used the short post feature to chat with other users. They made it like a chatting room (lol 😅). Asking questions like "What's your lunch? How's your day?, some rants, etc.." (I was ranting as well 😅) just to get higher points through views and comments. But then the system was updated again because of some abusers.

Power-User Upvoting System

From the old point system, it became a power-user upvoting system wherein random users with powers can give random rewards to random articles and even to comments. We don't know who were those users, they were all random, can be our friends, or even ourselves. But some upvoting groups exploited the system and upvoted their own articles to find out if they have power or not.

Higher numbers of comments because of spammers

Spammers were everywhere just to get higher points, and non-spammers were fighting the spammers. It was really annoying but fun when reminiscing those moments. I became a spammer hunter and people know me because of that. Well, I didn't expect to be famous because of what I have done but many hated me as well. Many users helped to hunt spammers too.

Spam Button Implemented

Until the spam button was implemented. And the spammers took revenge on me by moving my replies to spam, and I was muted for 24hrs after they moved my replies to spam three consecutive times. I cannot post or give comments within that 24hrs that seemed like forever. The person I have exposed even called me spammer queen in an article after he blocked me. But of course, people know who was telling the truth and who were the real spammers.

They may have moved my replies to spam and downvoted my articles and comments, but it didn't stop my journey there. My journey continued with the help of other users, upvoting the downvoted comments and articles, and I even got the highest points back then. I just proved to them that we can earn decent points without spamming the platform. I have also hosted an Art Contest wherein I spent more than $20 for the prizes but I got scammed by one of the participants.

The Kindergartens

We were like kindergarten fighting with each other and the admin, our only teacher was always stressed because of us. The platform was not in peace anymore because of the spammers. Many users don't even know how to create a good article (including myself) but the realization hit us when the admin called us kindergarten in one of his posts on Reddit and as he said, we're like kindergarten, we don't know how to create quality articles especially users from the third world countries, reality hurts. It is when we started to change and tried our best to create better articles. (But still hard to create one though.)

While scanning my old articles, I saw this one where I talked about adding points to quality articles instead of giving points to comments because spammers just exploited it. I wasn't sure though if the admin read this, but after a few weeks, the bot suddenly appeared. (That was 9 months ago)

Why Points Per Quality Aticle Should Be Included In The System

The Random Rewarder Upvoting System

Nine months ago, we were surprised by @TheRandomRewarder upvoting random articles with random rewards. The new upvoting system changes everything but there were still bugs and glitches, and room for improvement. No more points in commenting as the bot only give upvotes to random articles. Spammers gradually decreased and they left the platform because they were no longer earning points from spamming.

Bugs and Glitches

Since the bot was so random (even until now) and was still an infant, it has still bugs and glitches. During the first week, some of us were glad that we were earning $5-$15 a day. But on the second week onwards, we received lesser upvotes, and sometimes, no upvotes at all. Some short posts and poor content articles even got upvotes from the bot. Like articles with just a photo and small caption, or a greeting, and some short posts about random stuff.

Some users took advantage of the randomness of the bot by copying articles of other users, translating them to their language, and posting them as their own without giving credit to the real owner, and some received upvotes from the bot. (Some of my articles were translated as well, but I wasn't that fool not to know them) While other better articles were not receiving decent upvotes from the bot. From the name itself, it was too random. But of course, the team continued to fix the bugs and glitches and even experimented with some stuff on this platform, and copied articles have been flagged "No EXC."

Ads Bonus

And all of a sudden the ad's bonus points appeared, not for all, but only to random users from Europe and US countries. The eligible users were earning up to $10 a day aside from their upvotes from the bot. While users from Asian countries (Third-world countries) were not eligible for the ad's bonus points. Such discrimination right? At first, we felt like it was unfair to us, but no, it wasn't. Later we found out that the purpose of adding ads bonus was to onboard more users from progressive places like Europe and the US countries, for massive BCH adoption. Because obviously, the platform was dominated by Filipino and Bangladeshi users (even until now, I guess).

The system becomes better day by day, with fewer spammers, and more quality content was posted on this platform. And it brought back the harmony and peace we once have a year ago.

This was also the time I became close to some users like @Eybyoung @Yen @Ruffa @Jeaneth @sc @bheng620 @Kryptlook and @BCH.Serg. Helping each other, sharing trading strategies, airdrops, etc.

So to all users during the @TheRandomRewarder upvoting system, you guys are luckier that you didn't experience our difficulties in getting points, and the chaos and kindergarten fight during the old system. You guys can receive instant huge upvotes from the bot now, unlike in the old system that we really need to exert too much effort in posting and interacting with other users just to get higher points and higher earnings. Many in this new system are just posting their articles and will gonna leave the platform after, but still getting upvotes from the bot, as it is too random.

Noise.Cash, An Early Christmas Gift

It was an early Christmas gift to us when noisecash was born, December 24, 2020, to be exact. It allows us to earn more BCH and more users were onboarded on this platform from noisecash. The more the merrier.

Lucky 2021

The year 2021 seemed to be lucky to me, and I guess to many as well. Aside from earning more BCH through noisecash, we have seen how the daily spending here on readcash increases and so as our upvotes from the bot. It's all thanks to our great sponsor, Marc De Mesel.

The Birth Of #Club1BCH

In February, the Club1BCH was born through @PVMihalache and co-founder @Eybyoung . More users have been inspired to hold more BCH. Before, their motive was only to earn BCH, but when this club was founded, their goal has changed, and they aimed to earn more BCH. The club became bigger as more members have been added.

Unexpected Things Happen When You Least Expect Them

This year is really the luckiest for me.

  • I learned more strategies on how to trade crypto, both spot, and futures trading.

  • I learned how to stake and provide liquidity on different DeFi platforms.

  • I learned how to make my crypto portfolio grow.

  • But most especially, the most prominent person of this platform, the sponsor himself, sir @MarcDeMesel has noticed my work for the first time.

Sir Marc's Blessings

I never thought that he will notice a simple non-crypto-related article because he usually gives upvotes to crypto-related and BCH-related articles. That day, it was like a dream come true when I saw his name on my notifications.

Nothing Is Impossible If You Have The Determination

Road To 2 BCH, My BCH Journey

How readcash And Bitcoin Cash Changed My Perspectives In Life

The feeling was different when I saw his upvotes, it was like I won a lottery, I wanted to scream but I can't since I was on duty that day. My heart beats so fast and I was trembling. It was really as if I won a lottery, a grateful event in my life. His upvote of $310 that day was already equivalent to 3 months of readcash earnings. And if I will convert it to our native currency, it's Php 15,000. I earned that amount in one day and I felt so blessed and lucky.

I thought it will end that day, but no, he always surprised me, indeed unexpected things happen when you least expect them. The following articles have been upvoted by sir Marc as well.

Bitcoin Cash: The Coin Of The People, The Real Bitcoin

I Owe BCH A Lot And The Reasons Why We Are Spreading BCH Awareness

One BCH Today Is Worth Two Tomorrow (How I Got My 7 BCH)

And just recently, I received another unexpected upvote from him. This article was posted three months ago and who would have thought that he will still notice it?

What If @MarcDeMesel Stop Sponsoring readcash? How Will It Live Longer?

You will notice that my old articles don't really have huge upvotes from the bot unlike many of you here and I know by myself that I will not be able to reach my monthly BCH goal because of it's too random, sometimes absent. That's why I'm doing other ways to grow my portfolio. But seems like sir Marc has been my bot as well and has been a big help to me in achieving my BCH goal.

No words can explain how grateful I am to be one of the lucky users who received generous upvotes from him. Thank you so much, sir Marc De Mesel.

Lucky Airdrop

Another unexpected event came when I got more than $5,000 from FORTH airdrop. It was really unexpected because we don't even know anything about that airdrop, only when @PVMihalache shared about it on our TG group. And because of this drop, my $10k Crypto Goal has been achieved. Then I sold most of my FORTH to buy more BCH and other cryptos. And because of that, I was able to buy almost 4 BCH at a $1000+ price that day. My crypto portfolio has been doubled as well.

What Have I got?

1140 Subscribers

In my one year of staying here, I got more than 11 hundred followers. Although I know many of them are spammers during the old system, and many have left the platforms as well, some changed their accounts and preferred to remain unknown, but some have introduced their new accounts to us, and that I value them more.

26 Affiliates

I got 26 affiliates but not all are active. Some left the platform as they don't have the forte in writing. Some accounts have been moved to spam that demotivated them to continue writing, just like my sister. She became busy in her studies as well that's why she stopped using both readcash and noisecash.

It's not easy to convince random people to join on this platform especially if writing is not their forte. Even my FB friends don't give interest to join this platform despite the proof that I have posted on my account. We can not force them anyway, as they might just leave sooner. Those who will believe will stay and losers will go. But I do have friends who invested in BCH after showing my portfolio to them like @Ken and @Anne of noisecash. However, both are not active anymore because of the new tipping system. But at least, they are now holders of BCH and are willing to invest more.

10 Sponsors

I currently have 10 sponsors on my block because some did not continue their sponsorship for some reason. But it's okay, I got some of the prominent users of readcash like @btcfork @CryptoMax @Pantera, loyal BCH supporter @BCHouseVE and of course our very own founder of the club @PVMihalache.

Top 10 Tippers

Finally, I was able to regain my diamond badge after how many months. Since the day I give upvotes to different users from the old system, I continued this hobby of leaving some cents after reading an article. Almost 365 days of service and this is my way of sharing my blessings with others. And even if the bot is absent on my spot, I never stop reading other articles and leaving some cents. But if my wallet is totally out of balance, then that's the time that I can't give upvotes to others. And I believe that our BCH are meant to be shared not just to be kept.

60 Sponsorship Beneficiaries

Another way of sharing my blessings to others is by giving sponsorship to different users, both old and new users. You guys know who you are. It was supposed to be 80+ but many were inactive already and leave the platform, so I decided to delete them from the list and replaced them with new users instead.

This is also my way of motivating the new users to continue writing on this platform and not to give up easily. Many became demotivated just because the bot is not visiting their accounts or they only have few readers. That's also one of the purposes why I made my Read and Meet series, to introduce new users to my readers so they can gain more readers as well and to help them grow on this platform. I have also noticed that after introducing the selected beneficiaries to my readers, some got more readers and the bot noticed their works. I've been a newbie too and I know how hard it is to catch the attention of the readers. So through my sponsorship, I just hope that they will be inspired and motivated to continue writing on this platform.

Giving passive income to my invitor

@Annie1812 is receiving passive income from me even though she's not active anymore due to her studies. She is a student and she's thankful for the affiliate payments she has been receiving from me. I'm also happy for helping her in this way.

My Bitcoin Cash

From 8.79804515 BCH last month, I now have 9.36869 BCH. Of course, not all are from readcash, some are from the FORTH I sold, and the 1+ BCH are from my investment using my real money. It's quite sad though that the price dropped from $1,600 (ATH) to $800+ at the time of writing due to the recent FUDs and crash. But I'm still hopeful of BCH, and we know that it will go back on track again soon. Let's just believe in it. Patience and self-discipline are important factors to succeed in this crypto world. You won't be rich if you don't know how to hold, that's from CZ.

Lessons Learned

From being a KPop addict, I became a BCH addict. From being a narrow-minded person due to scam experiences, I became open-minded in terms of crypto investing and saving valuable assets for my future. And from being frustrated and trying hard to write, I learned how to write my article. I may not be the best writer here, but I know by myself, that I have helped my readers in some way. Through my articles, I have inspired, motivated, and helped many readers. I don't need to mention the names because you guys know who you are.

As I stayed longer on this platform, everything has changed, my routine, my hobbies, my perspectives, my goals. Who would have thought that I will come this far? At first, my motive was only to earn free Bitcoin Cash but when I stayed longer I have realized that BCH was not the only thing that matters here, because there were more exciting things to do here aside from earning BCH.

I acquired knowledge about this complicated blockchain and crypto world. I got a crypto portfolio which I can only see on the internet before. I learned how to stake, lend, provide LP, and most especially, to trade which I thought was too hard. I was only watching trends on the news and YT videos before and I found it is too complicated to absorb, but now I'm one of those traders chasing the bull and the bear.

But you know what's more impressive here? Aside from saving BCH, I've met different people from different parts of the world. I even experienced being a spammer's hunter and have been hated by many. And for the first time in my life, I was called bad because of my frank attitude. I may have frank fingers and mind (of course I'm not using my mouth here), but I believe that it is not a basis to be called bad. And only God knows what type of person I am and I don't need to prove it to anyone else. But of her, I have learned my lessons (thank you Eyb for being frank as well, although it hurts, but it was an eye-opener to me). I have hurt other's feelings and I regretted it, asked for an apology, and have learned the lessons.

In this digital world, what will make us stronger is criticism. So before we step into this world, we have to be prepared for that matter and learn how to withstand the negative criticism and handle the situation positively. But what I have learned here is, "think before you speak." We may have the freedom to write anything, today anything, but not all people are strong like us to handle destructive criticism. So before we speak virtually, think of the consequences that may arise after we tap the send or post button. I've been there, and I know the feelings of receiving and giving criticism. Receiving criticism has helped me grow as a person, but giving criticism didn't, I just hurt other people's feelings.

Some have gone, but many came. But some things remain - the lessons and their memories.

Author's Message:

To newbies out there, if you have read my story from the top, you have learned how tough my journey here, our journey, including other old authors. You are luckier than us because today, you can easily receive BCH without too much effort unlike in the old system. We have experienced ups and downs just to reach this far. And I'll tell you, it was an arduous ride.

So don't ever think to give up just because the bot is not noticing your works (yet), or your account has been moved to spam, there are ways to continue your journey, be active and interactive, it may help you recover your spammed account. And just continue your passion for writing, who knows? this platform might be your stepping stone to a better opportunity, to a brighter future.

But we old users are still luckier. Why? Because we learned Bitcoin Cash earlier and started saving earlier 😊.

Holding Bitcoin Cash itself is a privilege. And if this coin becomes digital cash in the future, it's something we can be proud of. We can tell the world that in our life, we have been part of this BCH-powered platform, we have been part of this revolution, we have been part of the success of Bitcoin Cash.

To all people who became part of my one-year journey, thank you so much, guys. And happy anniversary as well to some old users, @Hanzell @aminul @Gracee @Jihan @Eybyoung @Yen @Jeaneth @sc, and more.

But this platform won't exist if not because of the admin, Simon, thank you so much for creating this awesome platform and introducing Bitcoin Cash to us. You have created this platform for BCH mass adoption, but for us who've been part of this, it's been a blessing. And to the main sponsor sir Marc De Mesel who never stops supporting this platform and surprising different authors with generous upvotes, one thank you is not enough to show our gratitude to you. You guys will be remembered forever and may God bless you more.

My apology for this long article, it took me two days to finish this since I'm always busy at work. I hope I have expressed my gratitude and feelings here, and I hope I will inspire and motivate the readers. Thank you guys 😘

If you will ask if I am spending my BCH, giving tips to articles is my way of spending them. I am saving the rest for a while because two to three months from now, I'll be jobless and that would be the time that I will spend my BCH, if there are merchants in our place. I'm also saving some for the education of my siblings, and of course, for my future as well. 😊

Long live read. cash and cheers to the success of Bitcoin Cash 🥂🎉

Thanks for your time.

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