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Announcing the Bitcoin Cash mêmé competition of 2020

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1 year ago

Due to the threats of censorship on this platform. The meme contest is being continued on reddit. Here are the new rules:

There is an additional 2BCH being added to the pool.

Nothing about this meme contest was to encourage personal attacks. The fact is that personal attacks are RAMPANT in the Bitcoin Cash "community" and this contest is meant to mock those these attacks and indirectly those who make them. They mascarade as attacks against the supposed motives of certain people, but in reality attacking a person's motives is identical to attacking them as a person. This is unacceptable, and I will continue mocking everyone that continues this sort of attack.

Complete bullshit
"We don't allow personal attacks on our platform."

In the spirit of fun, I am announcing the BCH mêmé competition. I will be giving out 2 BCH in tips to the best meme's as independent posts linked in the comments of this post. 0.65BCH of prizes have already been given out between several anonymous individuals.

I am looking for mêmés that characterize and summarize the prevailing narratives within the Bitcoin Cash "community."

Some examples:

  1. Amaury the Socialist Dictator

  2. Marc De Mesel is Calvin Ayre Lite

  3. Bitcoin ABC is just like core

  4. Gasberg is a plot to ram through Avalanche

  5. BCHN our the saviors of Bitcoin Cash from ABC

  6. Bitcoin Cash development is decentralized, but we can't do accomplish anything because Amaury makes all the decisions

  7. Bitcoin ABC is controlled opposition meant to destroy the big block movement!

  8. Anything else you can come up with!

Thank you in advance for your participation. May the best mêmés win.

EDIT: Please make a top level post so the tips promote the content, and then post a link here in the comments.


Chairman Maomaury
Mini Calvin
Give thanks to supreme leader
Javier the Missionary
Hitler Cash
ABC Wants Peace!
The Dark Lord
Führer Séchet
BARTmaury always breaking my stuff 😭
Emotional Conjugation
"If only we had heeded the warnings of the Shadow of Harbringer"
"It takes two to tango."
Why are you joking around?!
"The French and the Furious 3"

"If it wasn't for you meddling kids I'd have gotten away with it too!"
"So close"
"Freetrader and the Quest for the Holy Node"

"It's a frenchman!"
"It's evolving"

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Written by   333
1 year ago
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