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Self Examining: What Am I?

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1 month ago

So last week, I read the article of @dziefem where the title is "Are You A Good Pretender?", today I want to share with you my answers to a few questions at this prompt.

Sorry for taking so long, I always forget.

Okay so let's start.

What am I good at?

  • To give advice to someone, as well as to make up stories but always someone dies in the end. Just kidding, I’m also good at planting, arranging things, and especially at time management. because I'm American time, and I want if I have time left in what I'm doing, I'll just spend it on myself or something else. I don't want to waste my time.

What am I bad at?

  • In expressing feelings. Sometimes I feel, I will be the reason why someone is worried, because they should think of themselves, but they think of me more than they think of themselves. so sometimes I don't speak anymore, I just let what the possible result be even if I die.

What makes me tired?

  • the fear, I get tired every time I feel fear. I get tired when I feel anxious especially with the one I love. I'm tired, maybe it's because I'm so scared that I'm bursting out of my emotions. I don’t know, I feel like I’m too dramatic in life.

What is the most important thing in my life?

  • the most important thing in my life and my family, God, and even her. Who is her? the person I love so much, that I'm afraid of losing. The one who accompanies me in all the pain, the one who pays too much attention to me and towards my feelings.

What stresses me out?

  • In my own mindset, I'm always worried about the things that can happen. I can't help but stress, especially when I don't like the possible results.

What relaxes me?

-Pieces of music.

How do I want others to see me?

  • Depending on what they think, I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not because I'm not really like that. How they look at me and how they see me, I'll let that thing happen. I don't have to pretend just so they can see that I'm like this and that.

What makes me angry?

  • When I see someone who doesn't know how to be grateful, people who don't know how to be good to others. And when people are trampled on and judged immediately without knowing the story.

What makes me happy?

  • When I make people happy and smile, I am so happy when I make people happy, and help them.

What type of person do I want to be?

  • Actually, I don't think about this thing, what and who I am here, is really am.

What type of friend do I want to be?

  • I am a sweet friend, you can count on me in everything and you can tell me about problems. But that thing depends on what a person's attitude is towards me.

What makes me afraid?

  • To think that my life in the world is only for a moment, I'm scared. I was afraid to die early and then I realized that I still wanted to do something.

So since I haven't been active for a few days, I want to say hello to everyone if you're okay or what. I will try to be active, and I will not forget to give an update somehow.

The next chapter of "The Breaking Dawn Of Zombie Apocalypse" will be on, Sept 5, 2021. STAY TUNED!



When they said, "Sa daigdig, and buhay ayganyan. Mayroong, ligaya at lumbay.", I just realize na no matter how happy, sad, tragic our life is..and uhay ay buhay pa rin. Mybe I always questioning myself, why I'm like this..kung bakit pakiramdam ko kulang ako or whatsoever man..pero no matter how many questions I have, there's only one answer. "I don't need to question anything, God knows what's the best for everybody..and for me."

I'm reading articles as far as I can go. I'm sorry if my comment is too dramatic, I'm also dramatic HAHAHAAH.

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Date: 8-30-21
By: OfficialGamboaLikeUs

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