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My Neighborhood Types: What's Yours?

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1 month ago

This topic started with @gwapojohn where he discussed his beloved neighborhoods. And I in turn now, will share my neighborhood as to joining this prompt.

We all have different neighborhoods don't we? There are those who don't care what you do, there are those who watch your actions, there are story makers and so on. And I will tell you, how important my actions and movements are to my neighborhood.

A Neighborhood Who Loves To Be A Guard

  • They are the neighbors who are better than security guards if they can keep an eye on someone. They are the type of people who, you just go out to buy, or you come home with something, or if someone delivers you that they don't know, they even beat the investigator if they can ask as if there is a case being pursued.


  • So I experienced this when I was in grade 10, I had a best friend who was very fond of boy-cuts because she said it was refreshing , but of course she was a straight girl. We are super close and the two of us have a callsign, once she came to our house because we are going to do a project.

  • Our neighbor, his eyes were locked on me. It's not enough to ask, the Iloilo Ciy type is the one titled "City-Of-Love" but most of them are lovers of guarding someone's life. (No offense, I'm just telling the truth). Then, in the following days when my friend was always at home, he suddenly stopped and then asked why he was at home again. Bastos no? Ayaw nalang magbantay ng sarili eh. Secu ka?

The Story Maker

  • We all have this kind of neighbor, and we all definitely can’t avoid these kinds of people. This is the kind of people that hasn't happened yet, but there is a next chapter. Those people, the story is not yet at its climax but there is an ending immediately, who can relate? Of course everyone.

A Neighbor Who Loves To Gossip

  • Who loses this kind of neighbor? Of course everyone. They are the people who are too fond of gossiping and know someone's story, they are the people who will always answer you "Oh, really?", "Weh? Are you sure?". 

    the truth? Will you contribute anything to our lives when you find out the whole story? Can you change what is happening if you ask a question and tell others?

The Historian Type

  • They are our neighbors who know the whole story, from the beginning to the end. You are almost in a hurry, then you will be told about the lives of others. You can't hear anything but, "Alam mo ba yung magulang niyan ganito ganyan, tapos yung mga ano nyan blablablabla".

  • why didn't you just become the historical keeper at the library? I'm sure you can help a lot for people who want to know the story of their parents and other relatives?

The "I-Don't-Care" Type

  • These are our neighborhoods that are fun to be with, the ones that are almost unaware of all the actions and movements you do. It is as if they also have lives of their own and are too busy to watch over others.

  • Wala kang ibang maririnig sakanila kundi "Hayaan mo nayan," ,"Pakielam ko sa buhay niyan?" Oh diba,ang saya.


Closing Thoughts,

Isa sila sa mga tao na madalas natin nakakasama sa loob ng tahanan, sila yung mga tao na minsan masaya kasama, madalas hindi. Pero mas nakakatulong sila kapag may krimeng naganap dahil nailalahad lahat ng bagay na di nalalaman ng pulis. 

Halos palagi silang updated as mga buhay natin, kulang nalang pati yung mga future natin mabasa na nila sa sobrang dami ng nalalaman nila. Pero syempre, sabi nga sa Bible, Ibigin mo ang iyong kapitbahay o kaaway. Kaya mahal ko parin sila.

🤣char lang wala sanang tamaan. So I hope naenjoy niyo to.

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