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"When I Was Drunk" (Re-edit: Additional Story)

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1 month ago

And because there were too many stressful people yesterday, and also because of the slambook, I thought of this prompt/topic. This topic is just for good vibes, don’t be mean and just laugh. 

For those who want to join, just tag me so that I can see your entries.

The Toilet Door

  • It happened when I was in high school, I didn’t like alcohol and I didn’t drink when I was with other people. At this time, my nieces and nephews were with me at home, I went to the bathroom and they were surprised because I took too long to go out, so they thought to see me because maybe something else had happened. When they got close to the door, they heard me crying, as if they were suddenly nervous because something might be happening to me inside.  The only thing that's happening is that I can't open the door because they said you need to pull it, I kept on pushing it lol.

The Thermometer

  • I remember I got drunk here, then my mother ordered me to lock the door. I saw the thermometer exactly so I took the thermometer stick. That's when I locked the door, my mother was surprised after a few days she couldn't find her thermometer. She didn't know it was broken. 🤣

A Selfie Photo

  • Here, it's more embarrassing. We drank that day, of course, I feel guilty, I made myself take a selfie and sent it to our GC. As in that, I don't remember doing that, I want to be attached to it but it's embarrassing. Until now I still have the picture. Because of what I did, until now they continue to tease me. It's okay, it doesn't hurt, does it? It's my fault HAHAHAHA. I don't know why I did that, I don't want to think about what I did because it's so embarrassing.

San Pedro?

  • I already told this in my last slambook article, I won't tell you again HAHAHAHA.

I Broke Up With My Ex

  • So I have two exes, the one Ilocano, and the other like me Ilongga. The Ilongga from here, I was very annoyed with his behavior. I really don't like his behavior and I'm not happy. I became his girlfriend but only for 3 days, so one time I was drunk. He was with me when I got drunk. I was so annoyed with him, I told him not to come back and stop. The next morning when I woke up I was at home, I received a text message from him that if I hadn't been spotted he might not have known that I didn't want to. But after that he still harassed me for almost 2 years even though he had a gf, I was the only one who avoided it. Right now, he doesn't bother me anymore and my boyfriend is keeping a close eye on the actions of the two which is super ok for me.

A Ghost Glass

  • December 2018, there was a fiesta in our town so a drink took place. Three bottles of I can't remember the name of the wine I ran out of, it was okay when I sat down but when I stood up I suddenly fainted. I sat down again and would have drunk as I had two eyes, in my eyes I still had glass so I tried to reach out and hold it. My aunt suddenly laughed and asked me what I was reaching for because there were no glasses there.


So this story is not mine, but my boyfriend/Girlfriend. One time they drank, then she was upset because I agreed. I agreed, I allowed him, but she didn't think that I agreed. She chatted, she apologized for what she did, because she said she didn't listen and he was too reprimanding. I was surprised by what she did as you can really ask if she cheated because she kept saying sorry. So she called, she wants to make a video call with me while they were drinking. And yes, in the two hours of our conversation she was just apologizing which ended up being the thing that I just laughed at her. (Hi, if you read this, I love you xd)

I am thinking if do you guys want me to continue the story of "The Magdiwang Village" or nah?

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Closing Thoughts,

I invite everyone to join this prompt for fun, those who have not yet experienced getting drunk or drinking alcohol can read and have fun with the entry. So how is everyone? I hope the little I shared made you happy. Don't think about the problem and always smile, don't forget that someone is with us and helps us with everything..

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