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2 years ago

I have always wanted to write My Top 10 Best Articles Since Day 1 here, but I was just so busy doing it. Well, guess what? I finally made it today. Actually, it took me an hour or two to gather all the data that I needed, but I'm so glad I was able to finish it.

So, in this article, I am going to showcase My Top 10 articles in all categories, from the Most Liked and Most Commented Articles to Most Viewed and Most Upvoted Posts since day 1. Of course, I also did include the Most Generous Tippers who helped me earn here, as well as the Most Tipped Articles from our Most Favorite Bot on the entire World Wide Web.

Before I begin, let me just say that gathering all the needed data wasn't that easy. First, I have a total of 152 articles (153 with this post): 41 for short posts and 111 + 1 full articles. Second, out of my current 152 articles, 66 of them were upvoted by both @TheRandomRewarder and the others, which means there are lots to be gathered. But who am I to complain, right? I mean, all these data are blessings.

Anyway, let's begin with all the rankings!

My Top 10 Most Liked Articles

  1. Desserts, Anyone?

  2. Reporting The Spammers

  3. Things You Should Avoid Here

  4. My 33th Birthday (I know, it should be 33rd, LOL)

  5. Thank You, RC

  6. Better Off Alone

  7. Flower-Power

  8. Never Underestimate The Power Of Cents

  9. What does "SUCCESS" mean to you?

  10. That One Great Love

My Top 10 Most Commented Articles

  1. Desserts, Anyone?

  2. My 33th Birthday

  3. Reporting The Spammers

  4. Sharing My Blessings (closed)

  5. Things You Should Avoid Here

  6. Better Off Alone

  7. Thank You, RC

  8. First 1000 Points: How Did I Do That?

  9. Project Blue Fire

  10. Random Upvotes Starting Today

My Top 10 Most Viewed Articles

  1. Disappointed

  2. This Is The Real Me

  3. Things You Should Avoid Here

  4. Reporting The Spammers

  5. Desserts, Anyone?

  6. That One Great Love

  7. An Article About Dad

  8. My 33th Birthday

  9. Other Fun Facts About Me

  10. What does "SUCCESS" mean to you?

My Top 10 Most Upvoted Articles By Other Users

  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Our Little Boy

  2. My 33th Birthday

  3. To resign or not to resign?

  4. Double Birthday Celebration

  5. Better Off Alone

  6. Here's why I'm stupiiid!

  7. Abort Mission

  8. What Now?

  9. Just Another Melodramatic Post

  10. Disappointed

My Top 10 Most Upvoted Articles By TheRandomRewarder

  1. Project Blue Fire

  2. My Super Mom

  3. The Guy

  4. How I End Up Being A Frustrated Writer

  5. An Article About Dad

  6. Vinum Hadrianum

  7. Other Fun Facts About Me

  8. A Documentary That Is Worth Watching For

  9. My Ultimate Dream

  10. Double Birthday Celebration

Now, it's time to mention all the awesome tippers who supported me since day 1. For this one, I'm not going to mention the amount of their tip but will surely do for the Top 10 Most Generous Tippers in a little while.

So, here is the full list of all the tippers who helped me earn since day 1 in an alphabetical order.

  1. @aleja

  2. @Andante

  3. @AntiSJWLeft

  4. @bbghitte

  5. @bheng620

  6. @CCutan

  7. @Clarissa_KG

  8. @Dolores

  9. @Don26

  10. @Dreamer

  11. @Eirolfeam2

  12. @ErdoganTalk

  13. @esciisc

  14. @Great_Influence

  15. @Jaysea1447

  16. @kli4d

  17. @Kommie

  18. @leejhen

  19. @leticiasarj

  20. @littlenewthings

  21. @LykeLyca

  22. @Macronald

  23. @queengg

  24. @Road.Cash

  25. @Shitcoincharter

  26. @SofiaCBCH

  27. @Telesfor

  28. @TheRandomRewarder

It's time to give the spotlight to these names below for being so generous and kind to spend their money on me. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

My Top 10 Most Generous Tippers

  1. @TheRandomRewarder

  2. @ErdoganTalk

  3. @SofiaCBCH

  4. @Telesfor

  5. @Dreamer

  6. @CCutan

  7. @Eirolfeam2

  8. @Macronald

  9. @Clarissa_KG

  10. @Kommie

So, here's the overall numbers you might want to know.

That's it! Honestly, I never thought I would reach more than a hundred for my full articles, but obviously, I was wrong. I just hope that will find more ideas and inspiration in the next few days because honestly speaking, there's nothing else left in my brain cells at the moment.

I used to write at least 3 articles before, but now, I just don't know what else to write. Besides, this new system is killing the fun here because people stop reading and interacting. My notification before was something I used to look forward to because every now and then there were comments and then new fun articles about anything and everything. Now, most of the new articles I see on my notification are about crypto, and honestly, that's quite not my thing.

And I also miss @SirPotato's posts. I do hope he is fine though. If you're okay, SirPotato, please, give me a sign.

Anyway, that's all! And, again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Not just for the tips but for everything!

**All photos are mine, except for the lead image, which is a free image from Unsplash.


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yay so happy for you!

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2 years ago

Thank you :)

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2 years ago

Woah! Did you manually retrieved all those data? 😲😱

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2 years ago

Yes, I opened each article from the first to last. I listed the names of each individual per article who upvoted my posts too. Glad there's excel coz imagine if there's none. 😅😅

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2 years ago

Sagad sa effort haha

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2 years ago

Oo 😂😂 sagad talaga.

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2 years ago

hello humans

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2 years ago

And you're back, SirPotato. Where have you been?

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2 years ago

Grabe nililista mo tlga?

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2 years ago

Oo, kanina lang.. wala na kasi akong maisip isulat.. lol.. besides, bored din ako so eto na lang muna.

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2 years ago

Prang akokahapon..haha..wala maisip kya yung articles kona nagaappear sa SEO sinulat ko .haha

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2 years ago

Wow. Ang galing and sipag mo po for coming out with this data. Ang dami. Haha! And thank you for acknowledging me as one of your generous tippers po. 🤗

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2 years ago

HAHAHA.. buti nga mabilis lang si internet connection or else, d ko talaga to matatapos.. hehehehe.. wala na din kasi akong maisip isulat, so I hope kahit eto na lang.. sana lang maisipan ni bot na itip to, effort pa naman ako.. HAHHAHAH.. anyway, thank you din for being one of my most generous tippers.. :) Nakakamiss nga lang yung mga activities dati na kahit papano d talaga nawawalan ng topics to write dahil sa mga pa challenge niyo before.. ngayon, waley na.

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2 years ago

Un nga po ang nakakamiss eh. Haha! Kapag talaga nakakuha ako ng malaki laking tips galing sa robot, gagawa ulit ako ng contest kahit alam kong hindi ititip ng robot, maibalik lang ung dati. Hahaha

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2 years ago

pde naman cgro basta wag mo lang imention na giveaway or contest.. wag mo imention yung mga bawal.. malay mo, pde pala.

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2 years ago

Try ko po ulit magpagive away kapag nakakuha ako ng tips sa bot. Ngayon kasi mailap siya sakin eh. Hahaha

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2 years ago

Oo, di na kami bati ni bot.. lagi siyang absent..

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