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Reporting The Spammers

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2 months ago

Spammers are those who leave your comment section with "subs back", "follow you, follow me","subscribe back", etc.

They could also be those people who use emojis instead of writing actual words. If not emojis, they are those who only write "nice", "good", "awesome", "great article","thanks for the info", and so many short-worded comments in every post they see. Meaning, they used the same lines over and over again.

There are others who would also use fake photos. For instance, the user is actually a man but uses a female photo to gain more audience. They would use something that isn't theirs and claimed it as if they owned it. I still consider them as spammers.

Spammers don't often read posts too. If they did, they wouldn't spam at all. And since they don't read, they often become insensitive to the author of the content. For example, the content is about someone grieving, but since they don't read, they would write "awesome" or "great article" instead. And this is quite upsetting to the author itself.

It's quite easy to determine which one is a spammer and which one is not. You just have to be open-minded and know the differences. But of all the types of spammers, I've mentioned, the first and fourth paragraphs are the most annoying of them all. Although I focused on the first, and just ignore the fourth.

Now, as an abiding citizen of Read.Cash, it is my duty to help this community safe and clean by staying true, as well as help them get rid of these spammers. How? To help the Read.Cash team make their lives easier, I help them by reporting these spammers whenever I see one.

Yes, I have started reporting spammers after I read something about them from someone's post. If you ignore these spammers, chances are, they earn more than what they truly deserved.

Don't feel bad about reporting them. As I've said in one of my posts, we are all adults here. We have warned, but they chose not to listen. They prefer to play the system instead of following them. So if you see them asking for subs back, especially to a new user, report them right away. This way, you are helping the Read.Cash community to stay healthy and safe for everybody.

UPDATE: You can also choose to "move to spam" their comment by going to your notif and click "move to spam".

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**All photos used are free images from Pixabay.

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Written by   224
2 months ago
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