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Things You Should Avoid Here

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2 months ago

I know many of the content creators here have been posting similar to this one, but I feel like writing my own version, especially because I've still seen a lot in my comment section, asking me to "subs back".

So here are some of the things, which I personally think you shouldn't be doing in the first place:

  • Writing something similar to Google. I've seen a lot who are still doing this style. They searched topics on Google and either paste it here or rewrite it with their version. Rewriting may be acceptable but in my opinion, it would be a lot better if you write something unique. Something Google doesn't know. Something personal to you or anything we can relate to.

  • Wasting your time asking everyone to subs back. Who's guilty of this one? Although some of you may not know it, asking people to subscribe back is a huge TURN-OFF for most! You'd be lucky if you're dealing with a newbie who is also looking for more connections. However, since I've been doing this writing for over a year, for me, this is definitely a turn-off. I prefer a real connection, and you should too.

  • Tons of emojis or nonsense comments for the sake of commenting. We all know that we also earn points by commenting on other people's posts. This is why most people would comment on anyone just to increase their points. For example, one user commented at least 5 of my posts using a few lines from my posts. That was my first time to encounter such a thing. So here's the deal, if you don't want to read the entire content coz either you're not in the mood to or it's too long, then it's better not to comment at all. Or, if you feel like you really have to, try to just read at least 1 paragraph and comment on something based on that specific topic. Original content creators or writers prefer a real and honest comment.

  • Trying too hard. Just be yourself. This is why it's better to write something personal, something you can really relate to than copying some content online. This means no high standard to maintain and writing your next article can be a lot easier.

  • Focus too much on your bank. As I've said in my other posts, just try to have fun. It will be less stressful if you make interactions with a lot of users here first than focusing on how to earn more instantly.

Okay, so you might agree to this or not, but this is my strategy here. I don't earn a lot, but at least, I am enjoying my time here, and that's what matters to me.

If you feel like there's more to add here, please comment down below.

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Written by   224
2 months ago
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Very informative. Thanks for this. I do really want to start using this platform for making quality contents. I think that is one of the few things that some newbies tend to set aside here. The quality of their content.

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