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August Report: Is It A Yay Or A Nay?

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1 month ago

Before we welcome the Ber-months (months that end with ber) with open arms, let's end our August with a big bang first! I mean with our month-end report as always.

Disclaimer: As always, this article is not to brag about how much BCH I earned for this month but just to give the new ones an idea that everything is possible if you work hard to reach your goals. 

Enough with my nonsense, and let's begin! Before we take a look at our August earnings on both platforms, let's do a recap for our July earnings first. This way, it's a lot easier for us to check whether I do well this month or not.

July Report

So last month, I got to add a total of $468 to my portfolio: $272.01 from read and only $195.99 from noise. In July, I also made 28 postings19 full articles and 9 short posts. For me, my July was already impressive because I surpassed $450 in just a month. These earnings, by the way, are based on the amount I was able to transfer to their designated wallet destinations.

  • - $272.01

  • - $195.99

You can read more of my July report here: My BCH Journey: July Report

Now let's see if I managed to bet my July report. Are you ready?

August Report

I'm sure most of you are no longer excited about this since I already posted an update about it a few days ago. Feel free to read them here if you want:

But for the sake of doing my monthly report, let's still do an update here, shall we?

For this month, I made 49 postings in all: 31 full articles and 18 short posts with a total of $501.73 or 0.78010339 BCH earnings for both platforms. I am happy because even if I have shared some of my BCH to my sponsorships and upvoted other writers, as well as not earning on noise for 2 weeks, I still managed to beat my previous month's earnings.

  • - $304.16 (0.47272185 BCH)

  • - $197.57 (0.30738154 BCH)

Take note: I haven't transferred everything yet to their designated wallets, but this is how it's going to look like. As for my $2BCH A Day wallet, it will be $3 a day now. After 100 days, I will soon increase it up to $4 until I finish the whole cycle.

And oh, the last time I checked, I only had 5.29 BCH. Now, I have 5.66 BCH. Hello, 6 BCH soon!

Of course, let me also highlight my Top 5 Most Upvoted Articles for August.

My articles that didn't get much love:

So there you have it! My little progress for the month of August. All thanks to everyone for the huge support. I wouldn't be able to earn this much without you guys. Of course, thanks to our loving and very generous bot, aka Rusty, for making this possible.

Closing thoughts

September is coming, and let's hope that it will be as good or a lot better as August. As usual, let's do our best to grind more. However, if you feel like you need to take a break, especially during the first week of the month, never hesitate to do that. Don't be hard on yourself. Just because we have goals to achieve doesn't mean we have to stress ourselves for the entire month.

Remember, you are the boss of this journey. Work hard but always rest when you feel like you need a break. Don't overdo yourself. Just have fun!

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Written by   883
1 month ago
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