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Something in your Smile

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2 months ago

How often do you smile? Do you also smile without a reason? Then you need to be admitted in the hospital, pronto. Just kidding, do you smile always? Or you can count your smile because you seldom smile? Then let me change the question. Are you happy right now? If yes then you have all the reason to smile. Smile even just in a small things you can do that you know. It's your mouth so why not stretch that beautiful mouth of yours and SMILE! Show it to the world, it's not a crime.

Even me smile without a reason, well you can think that way if ever you saw me smiling when I'm not even talking to someone. Sometimes a smile will be plastered in my face while looking at my phone, I'm sure you can guess it why, lol. I smile coz of the thought that's been running on my head. The reason maybe is I thought of my crush smile that's why I can't stop myself from smiling widely. Or maybe I am daydreaming where I am the main lead and he is my leading man. I have lot of ways to make myself smile you see, and I choose to be happy.

But those who can see me will think differently, lol. And you know, I laugh out loud inside my room and when Moms heard me laugh so hard I will just hear her say this "Nabubuang na naman si Parot." Well, that's because I am watching a very funny video on Facebook that I can't contain my laugh. Or sometimes the series that I am watching has a funny scene that I will burst out in laughter. And I'm telling you watching can brighten up your day! That's why everyday I watch funny video just so I can start my day with a smile.

This is just one of my way to make myself smile, I have lot of ways on my sleeve and all of it are very effective. Ways to forget all of my worries and sadness. What is the good effect of smile to me? I can see my problems in different light. Like when it is so heavy I will just smile and that's enough for me to you know - think again and grasp my situation. My mind can become clearer letting me think of a lot of ways to solve my problems. It's like a new gate was open just for me and that's what pushes me to step forward.

Coz if you just let it affect you, how will you able to face your own battle if you are very vulnerable. You won't be able to solve it, why? Because you're not even starting to move but you are already thinking negatively, you are complaining showing your face with a frown. You are erasing that beautiful smile on your face because of worries. Well, we're allowed to be worried specially that we are the one who's affected. That's already given an we just can't help it. Sure, go on take your time to worry - but not for too long.

Because if you let that eat your whole system, then you won't achieve anything from it, coz you'll be more focus on your own feelings instead of solving it. Why not solve all of your problem while worrying a little? Smile even if you're sad. Don't cover your face with sadness - show them your smile, show them that you can make it. Smile even if you have lots of problem. I know it's hard to smile when you have a lot of thought because of your problem but please try to smile and be strong.

Don't think too much - I know , I know it's hard doing it especially if you have loads of heavy baggage in your shoulder. It'll be a long battle for sure but our smile can be our weapon too you know. Start with a big smile, think only of a positive outcome and believe in yourself. Don't let negativity succumb your mind and trust the process. Smile pretty and handsome you're stronger than you think. Unleash that strength that is hidden within you. You also have it for sure, you just need a little push.

And just like what Yuichiro said: If you just live your life with a smile on your face, that'll be enough.


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Written by   1084
2 months ago
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