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Can't live without Ü.

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2 months ago

Do you know why I always have a crush as in I never run out of them? Like everyday I have it and even if I just saw someone that is cute and cute and cute pass by in front of me I am like "Target Locked On!" I liked him even just for a second as in Crush at first sight and I will be brokenhearted because I won't see him again. I mean, he's like a passerby who's waiting for a van, you know maybe he just visit this place just to look for something or maybe to visit her girlfriend or whoever that is.

The point is, I can easily like someone without them making an effort, hahaha. But you know what I always look when I saw a prospect crush? Their eyes, my favorite part of the body of a human. It's hard to explain but when they look at you, you will feel like they are drowning you with their beautiful eyes. I don't really look at their eyes directly but sometimes I just can't help it, lol. Specially those chinky eyes that when they smile, it's like the feelings of your boyfriend for yah, it's vanishing.

And, I feel like I can't live without a crush now so, hahaha it sound ridiculous I know but I just can't stop my eyes from having a crush, it's my eyes fault really. Whenever I saw a cute guy - see it's always what my eyes can see and that'll make me feel that tingling sensation that they are saying. I feel young again, you know crushes and all lol. I think I like the feeling more of having a crushes than to be in a relationship, lol.

I just want to share to you the importance of crush to me. They are making my day brighter and I feel more motivated not to find a boyfriend, isn't that cool? Lol. And, I can like men as many as I want like different varieties and all, lol. I sound a whore here but I only like them but I will never confess to them. I just do it one time and I will never do it again. I just thought having a crush is all I need and nothing more.

Alright, let's get down to the main dish. This is really not my topic today. Thanks to madam @Jeaneth I have a topic today. This is just about the things I cannot live without. I also have that off course, I think most of us here. Like we are used to this things that we feel incomplete without that certain things or person? Chorrr lol. Like I can't live without you babe 😘, charowttt.

Things I Can't Live Without



If you ask me this question like 3 years ago my first answer would be pocketbook They are my life before that I feel so sad or demotivated in everything if I didn't read even one book of it. I can still set aside my phone even if I love to watch Movies, KDrama and Anime like I will put it on my table then sleep. But now? I can't my cellphone become part of me - I mean since I can leave everything behind but never my cellphone. Not because I have a chat mate or text mate in my phone but because - and those apps and any other things that is here in my smartphone that is making me alive and happy until today.


This! That's why I always buy a new one if ever my headphone got broke again. I can listen to music all day because it makes me feel more happy while listening to it. It's like my everyday source of energy just like my crushes lol. I listen to a song while I'm cooking, i listen to a song while I'm washing the dishes, I am using it while I'm eating and watching on my phone, I am using it while washing my clothes and I'm using it when I am going somewhere or even just in the market I have that on my ears. And you know, even if there's earbuds out there that is more cooler than the headset I will still choose the latter. Coz I don't want it wireless, lol.


Without my earrings I feel incomplete like I lost one of my hands. You know that feelings that you feel like you leave your heart in your house while you're in Mars. That's what I fell, you feel uncomfortable and I can't relax that I don't know what to do. My earrings become a part of my body and losing it is like losing my other half. Sounds exaggerating but I don't remove my earrings even if I have to sleep or take a bath. It's like I can't go outside if I remove it and it feels different. I will really feel incomplete Without that. For sure some here has this kind of things too, you know.


I think I already share this to you before, but I have our house key in my in my pocket wherever I go. I don't remove it here in my pocket and if I have to change my short I will move it to a new one so that I won't forget it. I can't leave without it because if I don't have it in my pocket I feel like I can't go inside our house. Even if I just have to go the other way still, I'm used to having this in my pocket and I feel at ease when I put that on my pocket, seriously. You can't see much of money in my pocket just the key only lol, and my phone sometimes.


So that's it, I don't really need much in my life. These are the only things I can't live without and I'll surely feel different once they're gone or if I accidentally misplace it. I remember when I misplace my keys, di ako mapakali like I have to find it immediately coz I feel like if I Didn't do that I won't ever gonna find it. I don't know I'm just obsess with my key and my things, especially those I hold valuable lol.

How about you?


I feel like this article is kind of boring. I hope you don't get bored while reading this UwU.

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Written by   1084
2 months ago
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