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August Report and the Highlights

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1 month ago

I am so late in my Monthly Report for the month of August but that's really the plan. I intentionally didn't publish it earlier because some are already sharing their Monthly Report and I don't want to ride the hype, the only one I wanna ride is Him, ehe UwU. But anyway, now that everyone published their own version I will also share mine. Nothing much happen this month but I've got some achievement that I think is worth celebrating, yay.

But before that, let me say my thanks to everyone of you for staying with me until today. Having a lot of virtual friend is a big comfort to me, as all of you know I don't really go outside in our house I just love to stay on my room and do things that I really like. Sometimes doing it is so boring too but since I found my life become more livelier, yay. Because of it I found a lot of friends here that I can chat too sometimes. So THANK YOU 😙.

Alright, let's get down to business....


You know guys, I've been waiting this kind of Notif in my Notification. And then last Month, August 28 just a day before my birthday I got this notif on my Notification and I am so excited to share it with you all but then I thought why not just share it on my August Report and there it is, heh.

Oh yes, 25,000 Views as in. You know I'm the happiest when I first receive my 109 views, then 500, then 1000, 5000 and so on so the level of my happiness when I receive this is more than happy as in I actually want to twerk but then again I had to stop myself coz I don't want to have a body ache later, lol. I mean, it's awesomeness!!! Yiehhh UwU.


Aside from that is this - the number of my subscribers that's still increasing. Is it because I am too loud and too active? Or is it because of my content? I know that my content is not a top notch like all the others but, I think my article today is more better than the article that I already published way before UwU.

But whatever the reason is, still Thank You so very much for subscribing me even though my article is more of a nonsense. You don't know or maybe you feel the same way I do but when I read all of your comments on my article, the feelings is like just when my crush smile and wink at me, it's heavenly.


You know, it's really not a goal of me this kind of thing. It just that, it happened and I love the feeling of it and I want to stay it like that forever, pero wala pa ring forever pag dating sa inyo, iyakkk!! But seriously speaking, I just like to give back what this platform gave me. And by doing this I feel like I can contribute even in my small little way, at least right.

And who wouldn't want this cute and adorable badge beside their name right? Definitely not me. I already experience the orange badge and I also loved that seriously. Having this silver one is already a big achievement what more if it's the orange one, UwU.


This is also not my goal but writing an article everyday becomes a habit of mine and if I skip even for one day writing here, I feel like I'm on drug that was force to stop sniffing it and now I am having a withdrawal syndrome because of it. And that's exactly the feelings that I feel if I did not write one. And my brain and my finger is acting up on their own so yeah, I can't skip a day even if I want to, lol. So let me share my Top Tipped Artikol.

  1. While The World Let Go

  2. I can finally breath now

  3. Gone So Young

  4. A Happy Day!

  5. Is there any life from Mars

I just notice that my article in this month is more on Short Story. But you know, I can't still believe that I can actually think of a topic everyday, oh gosh as in. It's hard but once I'm on my phone and my editor was already open, the idea will just come rushing and my fingers will do the magic. Wahh, I love myself huehue.


And off course, to my amazing Sponsors UwU. I have a total of 20, whenever a notif will appear on my message saying "New Sponsor" I can't stop my heart from jumping because of excitement. Coz why not, Sponsor for me is like they are trusting me and my article that's why they are giving me their sponsorship. I don't really care about their reason coz for me it's only mean one thing may nauto na naman ako, chor lang hihi.

Alrightuuuu, check these awesome and beautiful people in my sponsor block. Anyone, as in everyone is free to send Sponsorship in my account. I'll accept you wholeheartedly with open wallet, heh 😈😚. Yayyy.


So let me share also what I've got in my Nothing much really but it's worth celebrating too with fireworks and pizza, burgers and wine heh. I'm a bit lazy in but I'm being active na this past few days. And here's the result because of that little activeness. Rawrrr.

Yayy, happy 2779 subscribers. I mean, it's hard to believe that even if my post there is much more nonsense there are still people who followed me. I'm happy really, huehue.


And another one is this, didn't even notice that this channel is getting bigger na. I mean, happy 1178 Subscribers. The last time I check we only have 1032 Subscribers but its keeps on growing so fast eh. Marvelous!

So if you're interested in joining, you can just Hit Me Baby and let's have a good time.

And now with the main dish my August Income - both from and Thanks to this 2 awesome site I was able to earn this much. Off course it's not easy, thinking and constructing article is never easy. But we are all doing our best that's why even if it's hard but if we put our mind into doing it we can reap a fruit that we had a hard time sowing. But it's all worth it, the ngalay na kamay that we had is all worth it.

So here's my overall earnings. Actually, I withdraw 3 times using my earnings that's why it become like that. August is the best month for me in coz I earn a decent amount there seriously it's awesomeness!! I should've 0.20901469 BCH in it but I had to draw out some cash for myself and for Mama so, that's that.

While on, I have publish 31 article and that's what I got, yay lovely!

Overall - 0.628184719

So this is the highlight of my August. Everything is perfect and I love it to the highest level. I just wish that it'll be the same for my September. It'll be even better if everything will go smoothly to all of us here so that everybody's happy. Let's just enjoy being here, don't pressure yourself too much just chill, relax and eat banana. If you have your someone then why not eat his banana - errr - I mean just forget what I said. Let's just go with hatdogs, the brown one, the juiciest and the cheesy one. Alrightuuuu!

And you already know that I don't set monthly goals. And whatever I achieve this month then I'll celebrate it. I don't want to pressure myself that's why I don't set one. Also, if I set a goals I feel like I'll feel more pressured in achieving it. And that's what I dont like, I like it to be more chilling lang. No pressure, write and publish without pushing myself too much, yeah just like that. So everyone, let's get it! 💪💙


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September 05, 2021


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Written by   992
1 month ago
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