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A Happy Day!

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Written by   996
1 month ago

I actually don't have the plan to write anything today because it's my day. I thought of just skipping one day this month but I just can't do it because I can't, just thinking of skipping a day is like a big sin for me. I mean, it's my day so I should rest my mind for 1 day right. I'm allowed to do it right? It's not not like is requiring me to write everyday right. It's just that, my stubborn fingers just keep on acting on their own like they have their own mind. So I will just write today, hihi.

But what I'm writing today is just another nonsense so bear with me again, lol. I will just type whatever my fingers want and let my fingers decide if what she really wants in her life. I mean, it's also my finger so I'm still the one who's thinking what my fingers want to type. I mean, why do I sound like I'm doing tongue twister here, lol oh gosh. But whatever, so it's my day - I really want this wish to make it happen but it's impossible. It's not like I can just snatch Lutcho to wherever he is right now. Yeah, he's my wish for this day.

I want to have a steamy night with him using a steamer where we will soak ourselves there, lit the charcoal and we will be a human siomai? Oh no, what am I even thinking. I'm craving for siomai but I already had pizza. Oh yes, pizza - I asked Mama to buy a two box of pizza. I request a Beef & Mushroom and Hawaiian Pizza. I feel like it's been a year already since I last had it. But seriously, it's been like 1 or 2 months now? Not sure, I'm just saying it. But you know, this is actually the first time that I treat everyone using my own money.

I mean, Mom or Mama it's either one of them who will spend for my day and I am so happy because of it. But today is different, I already share in that I withdraw some of my Bitcoincash in my earnings yesterday. So I got it and my plan is to buy Pizza and Ice Cream and soft drink, hihi.

So I got Hawaiian and Beef and Mushroom Pizza. You know, I should be the one who's gonna go on the Pizza House to buy it personally but because my shyness act up again I just ask Mama to go there. Hayss, there are really times that I don't want to go outside and show my face to the world. A lot of thought is flooding on my brain, aguyy.

Yayyy, katas ng earnings ko. This will never happen if not of that great platform and off course Bitcoincash. Good thing Bitcoincash pumps a little yesterday coz I was able to give some cash to my Mama UwU. Well, I'm using her name kasi in withdrawing my money on LBC so off course need daw ng lagay ahaha, Nanay ko talaga sya wahahaha.

You know, this day is a normal day to me like the usual day I had. But today is really different, it's more lively and I am more happy. I didn't know that having a virtual friend from all over the world can be this awesome. That's really all thanks to Joining here is one of the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm just thankful that I am here and you are there. Yayy 😙😙.

Also, thank you madam @nheng1118 for this, UwU. A for effort huehue you're the best ehhhh 🤩💗.

Thank you also for this madam @bmjc98 nakaka tuwang nakakakilig talaga UwU. I got this in our TG group, so let me just borrow it UwU.

And let me say my thanks again to my #Club1BCH Family. UwU thanks for the greetings and for the gift. This group is really awesome I'm tellin' yah!

Also to Noiseristificationism family, thanks for the greetings, you all know who you are naman. Special mention kay @dziefem na masyadong wagas mag regalo. Thank You Femfem, sana'y masaya kayo ni Hmmmmmmmmm wahaha. And to @ExpertWritter na hindi ma push ang ano, wahahaha. Basta salamat sa lahat UwU 😙😙.

I can't count how many times I use tha5y "UwU", lol.

This is the happiest day ever!!! Yayy!

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Written by   996
1 month ago
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