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A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes

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2 months ago

I'm not a goal oriented person as I just love to go with the flow in life. Doing things or trying new things while still enjoying my life. No pressure at all, just go with the flow and whatever I gain in this lifetime then I'll be the happiest woman alive. Big or small as long as I did it using my own strength and skills - if eating is a skills then bring it on, chorr.

As you all know I'm unemployed and still am today. Been like this for 5 years now. I want to work really, but I'm not sure anymore what's stopping me. Maybe because I just want to be with them always where I can attend to my Mom 24/7? Ah, no no - not 24/7 we have to sleep at night so - whatever. Or is it my insecurities again? Doubt to myself and all with fears.

Or maybe I am just giving a reason to not to work at all. Coz I'm enjoying the life of being a bum? Not really sure anymore, tsk. But even it I'm like this I also have a dream. A dream that I will never achieve because I am not moving from where I am right now. No progress, no nothing as in. I should move up to where my dreams at but I am not moving an inch here.

I think I need to start beating myself to woke me up from the reality that I will never Achieve anything if I didn't change this mindset if mine, arghh I hate myself sometimes for being an easy go lucky bum. My dreams is just a simple one - to give my Mommy and Mama a happy life. A simple but full of happiness dreams where money is not a problem anymore.

No more thinking of where to get money to pay our bills, no more being problematic of where to get money to buy our necessities A life where the only problem that we will face is how we will spend our money because it's already toi much. Well, it's just a wish so not make it big right. But reaching this is impossible because as Ive said I am not taking action to achieve it, but.....

But now that I met this thing who change everything I think reaching it is not impossible anymore. I know that the road to get there is a bumpy one, who knows I might even encounter a trashy things that may hinder my journey but as long as I don't lose focus to my goal I think I can make it. Because I have my reasons to continue my journey.

And those reason? Or shall I say my Motivators who keeps on pushing the button of my will to strive hard in this platform. Yes, I can see that will be my stepping stone to achieve my goals in life. I sometime feels lazy to be honest in moving my ass to work hard but just a thought of my dreams is enough for me to come into my senses.

So let me share to you the things and the people who keep on pushing mo to work hard in this platform. Laziness is not allowed - for my dreams.

  1. My Dreams. Off course this is my number 1 motivator. Just thinking of my dreams is enough for me to work my ass off. Save and save and save that's what I want to do now. And I can say that I am doing fine on maintaining this. I publish article everyday and I interact with other user here to make my account more alive than ever. It become my habit now so I'm enjoying myself here while doing what I can in saving more on my wallet.

  2. My Mommy and Mama. They are the most important person in my life now and I am doing my best for them. Just the thought that I can pur on a smile on their faces once I finally made my dream come true is enough to make me do my work excitedly and happily. I want to see smile on their faces - off course my siblings is included on this. No more worries written in their faces - only a smile can be seen. They are my best Motivator you see hihi.

  3. Rusty. You know I think I will never strive hard if I know that I can't get any from him. I mean if I know that my effort in writing article will be in vain if I didn't receive any. I'll be too lazy to think of a topic that's for sure. But, I've been into this kind of situation before but it didn't really stop me from writing. I just rest and then come back again. Hmm, not sure anymore but while Rusty is still with me I won't stop from striving hard - for my dreams. I will write and write and write until Rusty had still trust in me, so that's that.

  4. Bitcoincash. Well, I also learn to love Bitcoincash that's why I want to own a lot of this. And just the thought of having 10 BCH in my wallet is making me shake in excitement. Imagine you have that amount in your wallet, who do you think is gonna say no to that. Having that is impossible if we don't have and but we have that two now so I think it's not impossible anymore? It's hard I know, even me doesn't even reach the half of that amount after a year of being here. But it is still not impossible so we still have a chance.

  5. My Crushes. Seeing their smile is enough to make me feel motivated, they are my inspiration in writing those short stories that I made tbh. They are my leading mad who gives color to my boring life, charowttt ahahaha. But seriously, they are one of my pusher too - (not a pusher that involves a drugs okie, just want to be clear, lol). Having a lot of crushes is my thing so, just saying.

  6. My Friends. Who are those? It's you off course. My readers or those other users that I'm interacting with - a virtual friend but also the motivator of mine. Seeing their likes and comment is making me feel kilig and that kilig will turn into kasipagan, hihi. So Thank You mina.

Before, I thought achieving my dreams is impossible. But now that I can see some progress in it reaching it is now possible and it's all thanks to this two platform. Discovering and is the best thing ever that happened to me. Because of it I get to know Bitcoincash, I get to own some of it and I can picture myself holding it for a long time.

And having a motivator who can push you to your limit to work hard is a big help for me. I am doing my best because of those inspirations I have. So, I will continue doing it until I get what I want. I just hope that and is still with us when that happen.

How about you? Who's your pusher? Your Motivator? It can be someone or things that making you work hard here in this platform?


I got the idea of writing this from madam @FarmGirl article: Who's Kickin' My Butt? You can also try that if tou want.

By the way special thanks to my new sponsor @bbyblacksheep 💙 yiehh. New sponsor means new motivator, aye aye. So happy me, Arigathanks 😘.

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Written by   1084
2 months ago
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