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3 years ago

Readcashers, I have decided to offer sponsorship to 20 users. This was inspired by the somewhat funny reason given in this post.

If you are really interested in this, please read till the end.

To be among the selected 20 users to get sponsored by me at the end of week, all you have to do is;

  1. Publish an article of at least 300 words. It can be of any forte. Just write freely, be creative and interesting. Not a tutorial or how to?

  2. Link this article at the end of your article and mention me so I get notified.

  3. Leave a link to your article in the comment section of the post and mention some users, inviting them to participate. The more the merrier.

Eligibility: You must be at least a week old on RC on or before Friday 18, September. I will sponsor only users who are actively posting good content. And whose overall activities on RC have been good.

Note: Your article is just an entry, I will have to review your account and check your previous activities before offering sponsorship.

Before submitting an entry, ensure your activities have been good and have got good contents to show. If you haven't got enough, you have at least 4 days to post some good content. No plagiarism! Be original!

I recommend you read this article "sponsorship: need to know"

The sponsorship offer will be at least $0.05

The 20 selected users will get an offer worth at least $0.05, and some other benefits that will probably come with it.

Note: I will visit your articles often and before I renew the sponsorship, I will get to review your activities so far, if your activities have not been good or even better, I will have to cancel.


Entry will close on Friday 18, and Sponsorship winners will be announced on or before Sunday 20, September. It will also be sent on the same day. So you have enough time to write that great article.

Please consider sharing this with others - mention other users in the comment section so we can get as many people participating.

Thank y'all for your support, let’s continue to sponsor and support each other grow.

Also read: "Sponsorship: need to know"

Remember to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE this article. Just feel free to leave a comment and let me know of any cool ideas you have or any topic you do like to see covered on Read.cash.

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3 years ago
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