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1 year ago

DAY 11

Poem about FOOD


When talking about food,🍚

I do it in fun and silly ways🤭🥴

To aggravate that hunger for food,🤤

So you will yearn for quails.🍗

Today, I'll be exploring😊

My relationship with food.🤗

It's seven in the morning,

Which means it is time for food💃🏽

Breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner.🍽️

Can you guess what I'll have for dinner?😍

Lemon tea and goat milk is what I have,🍵🥛

Served with butter and bread, cut in halves🧈🍞

To break my fast, that's what I'll have😌

Out of my bed, I cut my calves🛏️😩

I know it hurts, but I'll still serve😖

My yummy-looking bread in halves🥪


What'd you call a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch?

I need a mid-day snack to munch, should I call it - brunch?🤔

I know it is not yet time for lunch,🙃

But I hunger for something to crunch.😋

Oh! Ham burger and vegetables🍔🥗

Served with ice-cream with peanut toppings.🍧

How my tummy yearns for that deliciously sweet taste,😋

Is what I cannot compromise, no matter the haste.😻


It's lunchtime, I need to eat something heavier👌🏽

My main dish, Eba will do, with a lobster.🍛🦞

Then maybe fruits and veggies, can come after🍎🥭🥝🍅🥑🥒🥕🍠🥙🥗😒

Veggies, aren't my favourites, but I'll counter🥗

  • Nothing for Lupper😭

I'm hungry again!😩

And it is not yet time for supper.🥺

Is there food eaten between lunch and dinner?🤔

What should I call it, Dunch or Linner?🍲

Or more fusingly - Lupper?🍜


Suppertime, yay!🤗💃🏽 Supper is a large feast.🍱

I get to feast on whatever I want🤤

Eggs, fish, bananas or meat.🥚🍳🐟🍌🍗

But tonight, I will stick to soup and red meat.🍲🍖

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Written by   55
1 year ago
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You and food😅

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Lol😂 na so we see am o

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Delicious food

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