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The Spontaneous Shepherd and His Woeful Sheep

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1 month ago

Apathetic display, lack of intensity, disappointments, and heads hanging low - new campaign, the same old story.

This writer expected a difficult start, but the current situation is so much worse than anyone expected. It is as bad as it gets for Arsenal.

Arsenal has endured an unsurprisingly disappointing start to the 2021-22 Premier League campaign, losing to Brentford, Chelsea, and Manchester City in succession, scoring no goals.

The last outing was the worst of the three matches they have played so far this season. They were crushed 5 - 0 by Manchester City (The Citizens).

The Gunners went to Manchester on the back of a 6 - 0 victory over West Brom in the Carling Cup Carabao Cup (English Football league cup) second round. This should be expected as West Brom named a weak team for the match - the match was played by their reserve team (most of whom are young) and 6 young players were handed their debut. 

A lot of fans were excited about the result. Thinking the boys have picked form.

One even went as far as hoping for an Arsenal upset of the match against Manchester City.

"Guy, I dey confident sey we fit beat Man City or las las, we get draw" (Friend, I'm confident Arsenal will win the match, or at least get a draw). A fellow Gunners fan said to me few hours before the match.

"No let the 6 - 0 wey we beat West Brom confuse you. Man City will win with at least 3 goals" (Don't let the excitement of a 6 - 0 victory over West Brom get better of you. Man City will win by at least 3 goal margin). I responded.

Last Outing: Manchester City Route Arsenal 5 - 0

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The Gunners performed woefully yet again in Matchday three and were thrashed 5 - 0 by The Citizens.

Outclassed at all levels, Arsenal boys were toyed with like when a predator plays with its prey. It was like a stroll in the park for Man City as they eased to a 5 - 0 victory.

It’s not just about the scoreline, but also the lack of a concrete and effective game plan, lack of intensity, apathetic display from the boys, and more. This is a cause for concern.

The Citizens wiped the floor with the Gunners players. And this was expected.


Gundogan gave the host team the lead in the 7th minute with a headed goal from G. Jesus cross. Five minutes later Ferran Torres converted from close range to double the host side's lead. Then the red card came on the 34th minute and Xhaka was sent off for a dangerous challenge on Cancelo.

Few minutes to halftime, G. Jesus converted from a Graelish worked ball to make it 3 - 0. The home team scores two more goals in the second half to make it 5 - 0.

In the end, Arsenal was thumped. Only got 19% of the ball possession and were only able to get a shot but none shot on target.

Worst Start in History for Arsenal

Three league games, zero points, three losses, the bottom of the league, no goals scored, 9 goals conceded. This is the worst possible start for Arsenal -The worst start in history.

It is the first time that Arsenal has lost their first three league games without scoring a goal.

What Next

Arsenal go into the International break sitting comfortably at the bottom of the league table. I expect a difficult start for Arsenal, but not this worst. At least they could have gotten a point from the Brentford match or even scored in the three games. But that wasn't the case.

I still wonder why Arteta is still in charge of Arsenal. Had Arsenal been Chelsea, he would have been replaced with another manager. But he is still in charge.

I'm yet to see what Arteta's game plan is, he seems spontaneous. It's like he just sends the boys into the pitch to play however they want.

The Gunners have to turn things around if they want to return to European football in the next campaign. With Arteta at the helm, this will likely take more time than it should.

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Written by   721
1 month ago
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They are not even giving people hope

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1 month ago

Though I couldn't relate much about this game since it's not present here in my country but I have learned that team work, planning and training is a must in order to win a game. Putting the heart in to it as well. It's maybe a bad start for the Arsenal but I hope they will do better next time.

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1 month ago

You don't get to watch the Premier League in your country...why? The team is in crisis, something needs to be done for any change to come.

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1 month ago

I could through online search but since golf game isn't introduced here in our country I don't know and familiarize the technicities of it. I never watched one before I just know that other countries had golf games through the lessons in school before and in movies. As you have describe in your writings they are indeed in crisis. I hope their coach and the whole team would do something about it.

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1 month ago

This was truly a worse start for the gunners. I just hope they picked up and play a fantastic football comes their next match. It may be that they are tired of the coach or what do you think will have brought this disgrace to them?

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1 month ago

Though some of their top players have been out - injured or sick, it shouldn't be as worse as this. Everyone - manager and team. Have you seen any Arsenal match this season?

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1 month ago