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Synthesis of helpful article you should read

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7 months ago

Almost all of updates and information are published by team, but it could be difficult to find them.

So I made a Synthesis of all useful posts which answer to numerous question (new) users could ask.

Hope it will help users.


1.    General informations about


·       What is ?

·       Explanation of Bitcoin Cash... for normal people

 · Roadmap

 ·       Why we don't publish articles on-chain ?

 ·       What's so great about Bitcoin Cash?

 ·       How to grow the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem: our vision ; part 1; part 2

 ·       Welcome to!

 ·       You have published your article on

 ·       A reason to upvote people's "first posts" on if you believe in Bitcoin Cash

 ·       How to actually make money blogging (on or anywhere)

 ·       What are Communities on


2.    About Sponsorship 

·       Sponsorship embed

 ·       Get sponsors

 ·       Can we buy some popularity for

 ·       Advertising? Paid by users?


3.    About boosting articles


4.    Users tutorial

4.1.               Writers tools

·       How to use the editor at

 ·       Lead image

 ·       Embedding YouTube, Vimeo, videos

 ·       Insert an image dialog, Unsplash images, avatars and bio line

·       Better image editing

 ·       Code highlighting is here


4.2.               Users tools

·       Profile links

 ·       Number of views and better visibility for older articles

·       Language preferences

·       Blocking users

 ·       Mentions, comments sorting, highlighting

 ·       Blue dots, blue borders, new comment counts, previews

 ·       Short posts

 ·       Hiding communities, new authors, older posts

 ·       Search and notification updates


4.3.               About BCH wallet

·       Back up your seed words

 ·       A new way to backup your wallet

 ·       How to wait for the incoming or outgoing transactions on BCH network to the particular address 

·       How to start using Badger Wallet and all in under 1 minute

·       Access from more than one device

·       How to use Bitcoin Cash with JavaScript (including Bitcoin Cash contracts)

·       What's in a Bitcoin Cash transaction

 ·       How to withdraw from to Bitcoin (BTC) or a local currency (like USD or Naira)

 ·       Support your favourite authors using your credit card on

 · supports CashID now

 ·       How to implement CashID ("Login with Badger Wallet") on your site

 ·       Is your money safe ?


5.    About rewards and the fund

5.1.               The Point system 

·       The random rewarder

 ·       Why is my point rate so low?


5.2.               The fund

· fund

 ·       You can now pledge to the fund


5.3.               Affiliates program

·       Our Affiliate Program

 ·       The affiliate program is live

 ·       Your affiliates

 ·       Affiliate by default

·       You now get 10% of points for your affiliates


If you found this synthesis helpful you can save it and refer to when you have a question. Answer have good chance to be in.

You can also boost the article to spread it to maximum of users and tip me below to support me and encourage to post more content like that.

Feel free to submit question in the comment below, users will be glad to answer you. Also, answers could help other users without asking it once resolved.


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Written by   39
7 months ago
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Good one sir. This page would be really helpful..can be taken it as help section on front page of site.

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7 months ago

I tried to be helpful, let's see if it become a good helping article. Maybe I should have added or deleted some, but it is a good beginning at the moment. Thanks for your comment.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

This article is a very good idea. But you must update it whenever something changes on

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Thanks for your though on my article. I have planned to do update as new features will be done (I have already made a selection of post to not mention deleted stuffs like featured communities).

If you wanted to add something feel free to help me to maintain this article helpful as far as it could be.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Just like an archive 😌 Very good compilation for new users. I'm sure that you will keep at up-to-date and it will be like a Swiss pocket knife for new comers 😄

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Yep, it is basically a compilation for new users. When I first register on I found that it was quite difficult to find answer to my question until I understood that all was explained by posts.

But there is no classification of them, so I think using that post to centralize relevant information is a good way to inform new users.

@Telesfor has already refer to my article in a comment of a new user who was asking for information about, and I hope it helped him.

Thanks for your support.

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7 months ago

Thanks a lot

$ 0.00
7 months ago

My friend shared the link of this article and I'm starting to understand better this platform. Thank you

$ 0.00
7 months ago