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MailGun (our mail provider) has blocked our domain, so at the moment no mail can go out (verification emails, notifications, etc). Support ticket opened 12 hours ago, no reply, no reason given.

Code highlighting is here

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Written by Banned   1604
8 months ago

This was pretty boring and hard to read, right?

Imagine if it was like this:


.editor { margin-right: 10px; }


<div id="test">The text</div>


$variable = 'test';


SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE userid = 15;


document.querySelectorAll('.users').forEach(user => user.isAwesome());

Well, it is! 🎉

Now, your code will be highlighted.

Huge thanks goes to highlight.js.

If your favourite language is missing - let us know (in comments) and we'll add it.

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Please add Java! I plan to write some Java tutorials

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3 months ago

Should be available in about 10 minutes.

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User's avatar Read.Cash Banned
3 months ago

It’s pretty awesome that you can roll it out so quick!

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3 months ago