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3 years ago (Last updated: 2 years ago)

We are a somewhat young project (started Oct 18th, 2019), so we lack quite a few features. Read more about the project at our About page.
We'll publish and update our plans here.

Things listed here are not in any particular order.

  • Offer to fix typos (points?)

  • Show sponsors that didn't deposit (under a button) (@Koush)

  • A listing (or a link to it) of all contributors under your post (@Koush)

  • Transparency into points system (who gets how much for what) + your own detailed log

  • Bug: New topics in subscribed forums aren't marked as unread

  • Minimum sponsorship amount (@p0oker) + description editor / perks (maybe an API)

  • Send to one of the last used wallet addresses + aliases (@Kyouma29)

  • Separate affiliate fees notifications from other?

  • Fix the way the new homepage works with languages

  • A way to set "all/new"/"all/hot" as a homepage (and back)

  • Change your email (@DarthRoison)

  • Ability to translate articles (possibly with revenue sharing)

  • Ability to send private (preferably e2e encrypted) messages

  • Mentions autocomplete

  • Feed of new comments

  • Team/corporate accounts (multiple users publish to one account)

  • Notifications about new affiliates (@Cain)

  • Ability to see who I follow and who follows me (@Telesfor)

  • "Sticky" footer/left thingy with link to comments and shares?

  • Links to to-do items

  • (?) Clickable explanations (mark)

  • Wide code block

  • Promote your own post (opt-in to users)

  • Consider BIP70 instead of ephemeral QR codes

  • IPFS videos (source)

  • A personal About Me page for each user profile, where you can also tip to that user (elrikpiro)

  • Reminder about unapproved sponsors

  • Bug: deleting image

  • Bug: copying images

  • Bug: italics in code blocks

  • Bug: pasting into images's caption

  • Bug: links in images caption

  • CashID using QR codes and asking for nickname first on registration

  • Minor: Links hotkey Ctrl+K, Cmd+K (select)

  • Real-time balance updates

  • More / cut tag

  • Twitter embeds / incl. video

  • Sponsorship minor additions: editing of monthly amount, request to change the logo

  • Premium parts of article visible for sponsors

  • Promote your articles via reddit/memo/etc.. (maybe: bounties for promotion)

  • Description, snippet editor

  • Better comment editor

  • Best article contest

  • Dark theme

  • Table of contents (in separate editor?) "next", "previous" link, for books, etc...

  • Add overview of all site functions to onboarding (onboarding v2/v3)

  • Footnotes and sidenotes

  • RSS feeds (main page, topic, author)

  • (!) Warning blocks

  • Multiple languages for the article(? )

  • 2/3 columns block (wide / narrow / 1-3 / 3-1 split)

  • Polls / straw polls

  • Better explanation of upvotes for non-registered users

  • Ability to close "one-time" QR code (sorry, obvious, but not that easy)

  • Personalized page (homepage?) based on subscriptions

  • minor: Save previous H1,2,3 "links" so that change of the text doesn't break old links

  • Stats page

  • Change e-mail, change password

  • Alter egos / pseudonyms switching

  • New address for each article? Though it's still analyzable

  • From @imkeshav: Ability to tip from home/main page instead of having to open the article and do it

  • From @imkeshav: From profile, I can access my articles, also nice to have link to my comments

  • If we develop a subscription feed - we need to make an option to turn off notifications

  • Edit history

  • Footer signature ( box) for additional promo links or banners (@aschatria)

  • Crypto tickers/ market price though out the posts when mentioned (@aschatria)

  • Media snippets ( cards) for Twitter and MemoCash (@aschatria)

  • Auto-post sharing (or/and scheduling) to social media (@aschatria)

  • Separate tab for drafted or unpublished posts (@aschatria)

  • Reactions (@aleenajoe)

  • Make one-time QR codes remember private key and re-attempt broadcasting

  • Mentions notifications (in comment or in article)

  • Would be nice to be able to go to "Your Articles" screen and directly start editing a post or deleting it without going into the post (@Cain)

  • Affiliate payments for the points?

  • Common moderation queue (@Koush)

  • Upvotes and downvotes (Done: 24 April 2020)

  • Add boosts to the new homepage

  • Minor: forum post links (here)

  • Notifications filters? (@molecular) (Dont: 5 February 2020)

  • From imkeshav: Give a "Feedback" link on the top right corner, so ppl like me can give quick feedback (Done: 1 February 2020)

  • Search my own comments (btcfork) (Done: 1 February 2020)

  • Forum (Done: 31 January 2020)

  • Send text of notifications to email (Done: 24 January 2020)

  • Support Greek (here) (Done: 18 January 2020)

  • Check the website in Tor Browser (here)

  • Embed SoundCloud (Done: 17 January 2020)

  • Fix the upper dropdown on mobile phones (seems to work? iPhones?)

  • Search the site or author posts (ideally with nice dropdown) (Done: 13 January 2020)

  • Communities (main page has too many topics) (Unfinished) (Mostly done: 13 January 2020)

  • Block users, Ability to mute certain posters from the feed (from reading/commenting/appearing in feed) (Done: 10 January 2020)

  • Automatic addition of sponsors block to the end of each article (opt-in) (Done: January 2020)

  • Languages preferences (Done: 2 January 2020)

  • Language filters (main feed has too many languages that not everyone understands) (Done: 28 December 2019)

  • Sponsors embedding (SVG/iframe) (Rosco Kalis)
    + better "Become a sponsor" button (Done: 24 December 2019)

  • Reminders about ending sponsorship (Done: 21 December 2019)

  • Select a language for the article (Done: 20 December 2019)

  • Lead image (Done: 10 December 2019)

  • Save article / saved articles (@GeukensMathieu) (Done: 10 December 2019)

  • Better main page (Done: 6 December 2019, but will improve in future)

  • Export all your articles at any time with possibility to self-host them (include IPFS hosting in discussion) (Done: 1 December 2019)

  • Reply to the comment from notifications page (btcfork) (Done: 1 December 2019)

  • Profile links to Twitter, Reddit, etc... (Done: 1 December 2019)

  • Monthly/Weekly Sponsorships (Done: 26 November 2019)

  • Notifications to email (if opted-in) (Done: 24 November 2019)

  • PeerTube embeds (requested here)

  • Auto-expand comment entry field

  • In comments, please show user icon, its hard to distinguish between readers in the thread below.

  • Delete your comment (Done: 14 November 2019)

  • Hot, new, top (day, week, month, year) sorting of the main/topics/author pages (Done: 17 November 2019)

  • Make QR code payments more resilient (Loss of funds due to race conditions on upstream server availability)

  • Do something about connectivity (often down) (Done: 14 November 2019) (in case of repeat: gRPC research)

  • Affiliate program (Done: 13 November 2019)

  • Mobile payments links (Done: 11 November 2019)

  • Incognito mode creates a new wallet, should warn about existing
    Related: ability to import seed into another browser (Done: 10 November 2019)

  • Detect links in comments (Done: 10 November 2019)

  • Image popup (zoom) (Done: 9 November 2019)

  • Wide images (Done: 9 November 2019)

  • Image links (Done: 9 November 2019)

  • Links to H1, H2, H3 in the article (Done: 7 November 2019)

  • Better interface for embeds (Done: 7 November 2019)

  • Show number of subscribers (Done: 7 November 2019)

  • List contributors (on article) (Done: 7 November 2019)

  • Article last updated (Done: 5 November 2019)

  • Auto-avatars / upload (Done: 5 November 2019)

  • Upload image interface + unsplash (Done: 5 November 2019)

  • Ability to edit comments (Done: 4 November 2019)

  • Follow author (Done: 4 November 2019)

  • Follow topic (Done: 4 November 2019)

  • Add topics to articles (Done: 3 November 2019)

  • Topic pages (Done: 3 November 2019)

  • In-site notifications (suggested by @JonathanSilverblood) + archive (comment, upvote, reply) (Done: 2 November 2019)

  • Shouldn't be possible to open two tabs with same article in editing mode (Done: 2 November 2019)

  • CashID (suggested by @JonathanSilverblood) (Done: 1 November 2019)

  • Deposit US Dollars (Done: 26 October 2019)

  • Embeds (YouTube, etc..) (Done: 26 October 2019)

  • Comment upvoting

  • Comments system (done: 25 October 2019)

  • Images uploading and storage (done: 24 October 2019)

Possible ideas (under consideration)

  • Spoiler tags

  • Theme for your blog

  • ToDo upvotes

  • Paywall, premium content for sponsors

  • manual rel="canonical" (maybe?)

  • Better code editor (not that easy to implement)

  • Article analytics / stats (is it even useful?)

  • SLP tokens support? (probably not)

  • Bounties for posting

  • Custom domains (wallet problem)

  • Sideproject: projects like KAIN1 are hard to pull of even in 2019

  • Upvote your own comments (George Donnelly)

  • ToDo items, like this list (maybe?) (done: 24 October 2019)

Want a specific feature?

Post a request to

How can I donate to further the development?

Upvote this article or write another article (about anything) and upvote it yourself. 100% of such upvote goes to us.

How do I contact you directly?

Send an email to or use

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Written by   9446
3 years ago (Last updated: 2 years ago)
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