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What are Communities on

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If you have ever used Reddit - communities are very similar to subreddits.

Basically you can create a community and people can join it. People can submit their own content to the community and the community moderators can either accept that content or refuse it, based on their own rules and standards.

Communities can set their own rules.

Some communities can accept content automatically, but still be able to remove your content later (it stays on, but it won't show up in the particular community).

A twist on the community names

To avoid the situation, where early users take up all of the good names, so that we have the official "Bitcoin" community or the official "Photography" community, we have a twist on naming.

Basically, you can't register a community named "Bitcoin" or "Photography" (or anything else for that matter), you can only register a community with a few random letters and numbers after it (which you can't control).

Think about it: you can't really register a website address of "bitcoin", you can only register "" or "".

This is where Reddit was a bit wrong - Reddit made it possible to have only one official "Photography" subreddit or "Bitcoin" subreddit.

That's what we want to avoid (having "official" communities). There are a lot of opinions, let's have a community for everybody.

So, you can register "Bitcoin (3a7b)" or "Bitcoin (e34a)" - both are as "official" as they can be. What's even better - a person just discovering in 2025 would still be able to register "Bitcoin (a27e)", which, again, would be as official as it could be.

Actually, this should stimulate people create more specific communities, like "Bitcoin Cash for newcomers (18ae)" instead of just "Bitcoin Cash (18ae)", if there are already 50 communities named "Bitcoin Cash (...)".

How to submit an article to a community

Either use "Write for this community", "Submit your article" buttons in the community:

... or look for "(submit)" button in the article that is already published (you can submit other people's content too). You can submit only to communities that you have joined.


Communities are a work-in-progress, so we'll update on how it develops.

Current limitations:

  1. You need to approve every submitted article (soon you'll be able to set your community to post-moderation);


This is only a first version, we have quite a few ideas to try, but let's see how it goes first.

Notable things missing:

  • Filter by user language, show language icons

  • Post-moderation

  • Pinned articles

  • Ability to sort the list by highest member count, age

  • Search communities

  • Search in community

  • Block members from a community

  • Approved/whitelisted posters?

  • "Request a revision" in moderation queue

  • Affiliate links to a community

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Written by   7636
1 year ago
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