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I Did My Part! You?

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Written by   735
8 months ago

From the start of the pandemic, it was clear that everyone of us needed to get a shot against Covid-19 to save our family, friends, our society, and the world. Are you scared? We could wear masks, wash our hands, sanitize our things regularly, practice social distancing, and drive away fantasies and doubts about the vaccine. We're all grown-up, so that's pretty much like A B C.

Covid-19 vaccines for the most part are exceptionally safe. I should take note of that while I can endure pains, needles freak me out haha. I can deal with tattoo needles, but vaccines for some reason scared me a little.

Finally, I am now fully vaccinated. I did my part.

getting my 2nd shot

I felt some mild symptoms following my first shot.

  • Drowsiness

  • Hunger

  • Headaches

It lasted for 5 days.

Today, the 6th of September, I had my second dose. I have yet to see if has side effects in the next coming hours. Actually, I am feeling a little weight now on my left arm where I had my shot.

An hour before leaving the house

Before leaving the house to get my vaccine, a beautiful dawn sky popped up in front of my eyes. The first beams of the sun are pretty awesome and are propping to the eyes. There can be nothing more wonderful to the blissfulness than the dawn or the sun rising up. As the sun rises in the heavens above, the day's activities start. Happy nature devours the beams of the glowing sun.

my pastel sunrise view today

On my way to the vaccine center

This was my view on my way to the vaccine center earlier today. I took this photo 15 minutes before seven. Look at those green beauties showing off while the sun's rising up. Earlier today, the world was wonderful. Everything was gleaming in the ricefields. The flat blade grass and green leaves were beginning to change to glow. What a wonderful world. The beauty on the other side behind this pandemic.

ricefields on my way to the vaccine center

Reached my destination

At exactly 7 am, I have reached my destination. I took a trike from my home to the vaccine center. I showed up there at 7 am. There were at that point a couple of individuals in line. The vaccine center's gate at that time was still closed and they opened it around 8 am. Another hour of waiting until the vaccines arrived. I have held up 2 hours until I at long last got my shot.

arrived at my destination

I'm regarded to be a piece of the answer for a pandemic. I would rehash it for us all. I will do it for my better half, my daughter, my folks, my relatives, my companions and friends, our community, and our reality - doing this for the world.

I'm sharing my story with the expectation that you'll get vocal to everyone concerning why you're getting this shot. We, as a whole, are in this pandemic together and a large number of us united together to test the security of these antibodies. I urge everybody to get a Covid-19 vaccine if you can do as such.

No one loves infusions. Some are even frightened with needles. However, it's smarter to be protected than sorry.

vaccination center

Advice from the medical peeps

  • Take a good rest after the shot

  • Please no to liquor and cigarettes for 2 weeks

  • Always stay safe because it requires a couple of days for the vaccine to take effect

  • Always wash your hands, sanitize and eat healthy food

  • the rest is self-explanatory

The changes that were brought into the world since the pandemic has sunk into daily practice. Rather than battling what is totally out of our control, we have to adjust. We have to change things to a great extent to make everything okay. I understood that it feels ordinary at this point. I don't know how I feel regarding that generally, but rather I realize it has settled a portion of the inward strain and stress I felt toward the start. I know, we have learned a profound level these past 2 years.

My hope is everyone begins to acknowledge that this pandemic is at this point not just with regards to our personal necessities, but also for the necessities of other people in our community.

Sending love and light to you all, especially to those who need it most.

Good afternoon, everyone. I was home a few hours earlier and now I am feeling a little drowsy. I am going to go get some rest, so please bear with me if I missed anyone of you. I'll get back as soon as I can.

Have a great start to the new week, my amazing friends. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Get vaccinated.

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September 06, 2021

2:30 pm


(The photos are my own and taken by me)

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Written by   735
8 months ago
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