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Catching Up in the Middle of Black Out

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4 months ago

by Gracee / Sunday / June 13, 2021

My day last Friday was started right for I was able to wake up early and finish my laundry. However, due to the scheduled power outage from 9 AM to 5 PM Philippine Time, it changed my mood for I could not make noises, interact with others, and could not take my classes. All my plans were ruined because of it. Fortunately, in the afternoon my mood lightened for one of my best friends came and we caught up.

I met this girl way back in 2011. Her name is Regine. She was one of my classmates in college who has a high-pitched voice, cute height but has a big heart. She lives in the town where I live too, in short, we are townspeople.

First Year first semester, we had a different circle of friends. Until one day, she got into a fight with one of our classmates, named Jenny, just because of a calculator (so childish, right? haha) and that was the time I noticed her. I felt sorry for Regine because the person she treated like a friend did not treat her the same and forgot the friendship they started just because Jenny's newly bought calculator broke. Though I also understood Jenny for she has a very strict father who would scold her once found out about it. After this incident, I got a chance to start a friendship with Regine.

We started to eat together for lunch, share foods, enjoy our free time together in the park across from our school or wherever we saw vacant spots in the school. After a few months, I saw how kind and good she is as a person so, I asked her to be my best friend like a boyfriend does when they propose to their girlfriend. The only difference was I did not give her a ring and the line is not "Will you marry me? " but instead, "Will you be my best friend? ", and she said "YES".

Our friendship deepened for we were always together for four years in college. Besides, we could say whatever we want and share even our burdens and problems with each other yet there were also times when we had misunderstandings and did not talk to each other. On the other hand, we always chose to fix it for our friendship is stronger than our misunderstandings.

Fast forward.....

We happily graduated and took a different path. I became a tutor, a call center agent, and now an ESL teacher here in our province while she is a tutor and teacher in a private school in Manila. However, due to the pandemic, we are both staying in our own homes. We sometimes visit, see each other and catch up but the time was always not enough for we only had a few hours to talk about untold stories that we missed when we were not together.

Due to the power interruption last Friday, she decided to visit me again and continue to catch up. She went here after lunch after the rain stopped.

Last Friday was another day added to the memories we surely always remember in the future for we had a heart-to-heart talk while there was light rain. We talked about our problems, future plans as well as our realization during this pandemic. It was a fun afternoon with her because aside from having a heartful talk, we also ate Que-Kiam (kikiam- popular street food in the Philippines) and fried sweet potato with hot coffee for it was a perfect beverage for a gloomy and cold afternoon. Moreover, we went to the pond after the light rain stopped and got papait plant (known in other areas of Luzon as amargoso and sarsalida) and fruit of munggo (maybe only Filipinos know this. hihi) for her family who loves eating these kinds of food. However, the time was still not enough for we still have many things to share with each other and her boyfriend came at around 6:30 PM to fetch her.

Catching up with one of my true friend during a blackout is indeed fun. We had a very nice talk without using our phones and browsing the internet. The time we had yesterday's afternoon might not enough yet it was still a very nice moment with her.

-the end.

Have a nice day!😊


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Written by   194
4 months ago
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Catching up to a friend in person feels like decades of not seeing each other. Haha. For sure it was very fun.

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4 months ago

It's indeed great to catch up with family or friends plus walang gadget na distraction.. anyway, pano nyo niluluto ung papait? 😁Mapait ksi xa eh

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Nkakamiss friends ko . iba tampo pa sakn kc d ko sla namemessage sa fb

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Miss kna sin siguro nila kaya sila ngtatampo sayo sis. Bawi ka na lang pag madami ka free time at nakauwi kna 😊

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4 months ago