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Stay Connected yet Be Careful

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by Gracee / Thursday / May 6, 2021

Being Connected is Fun yet Always Be Careful.


Do you always use the Internet?

Nowadays, the internet is one of the best tools when it comes to communication and transactions. Most of us are having fun every time we are online. Some play online games while others have fun chatting with friends, watching videos, vlogging, blogging, posting their photos, adventures, and everything they do in life. Indeed, the internet is very helpful in many aspects. Besides, it is another way to fight boredom, enjoy life, establish and promote businesses and earn extra income.

In this 21st Century, the Internet becomes a part of our daily lives. We use it at work, school, and at home. The internet is one of the best entertainment we currently have. However, using the internet has also downsides, especially in using some untrusted sites. Always using the internet may infect our system with viruses. Viruses that enter through USBs, CIDs, and the Internet. These are the viruses that can possibly damage our valuable data, which is difficult to recover and make our system totally worthless. In addition to that, there are numerous malicious users and computer hackers that can steal our personal information through the internet, which can be used for identity theft and can be harmful to us personally. Additionally, the internet can make us addicted which is not good for our health.

In using the Internet, we just need to limit the personal information we share on the Internet, be careful in downloading for there is some malware that disguises as applications (app). As PCWorld advises, don't download apps that you do not trust and look suspicious. Always choose and use a strong password that is not connected to your personal information. Lastly, keep your antivirus program up to date.

Going back to the question above, Do you always use the Internet?

In my case, YES! I always use the internet at home. I like surfing, making noise and sometimes writing articles. I even tried to connect to public Wi-Fi before. Luckily, no personal information was stolen. Moreover, I tried different applications and sites just to earn extra income for my salary in my current job is no more enough to support my needs and my family. On the other hand, I always make sure to do some research first about user reviews before downloading applications or entering my personal information to different sites because I do not want to use my personal information for any unauthorized transactions. Furthermore, I frequently change my passwords just to make sure it is up to date and no one will hack my accounts.

Truly that the Internet is very beneficial and makes our life easy, fun and comfortable. But for us to enjoy it without worry, we must be responsible users and always be alert to all the things we see, click and use on the internet. Furthermore, we must always remember that the Internet is not totally safe. In that way, we can avoid stealing our personal information that can possibly be used for identity theft. Lastly, disconnect yourself when you feel so exhausted for being with the nature is still better than being online all day.

Ending this article by asking you these questions. Do you always use the Internet? What kind of sites do you usually visit and why?

Have a nice day!😊

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Written by   194
5 months ago
Topics: Writing, Experiences
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