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A Friends' Visit

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5 months ago

by Gracee / Sunday / May 16, 2021

A friends' visit always gives so much joy and happiness.

True friends are worth keeping and worth giving time and effort as they are the people who accept and love us aside from our family.

Yesterday was a very good day. I was able to catch up with my friends who I keep since college.

Way back in 2010....

We were just strangers who met in a classroom. Maybe all of us were just there to study and somehow do not expect to make friends with others. We were very shy and only talked with each other when it was all about reports, lessons though some of them were very loud even on the first day. I think that was normal when entering a new school with a different environment. We were like that for a few weeks and even months since we only met each other every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (MWFS). That was the schedule we had but there were semesters when it changed and became Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (TThS).

We used to see each other from classroom, parks, cafeteria, public market until we became friends. We were happy every time we were together. We laugh together, we broke together ( pag may kasama si crush.haha) and we shared many things with each other. Not only material things (polbo, lip gloss, suklay, etc.) but also problems. On the other hand, our friendships are also the same as others. There were times when there were some misunderstandings that made our circle of friends divided into two groups but at the end of the day, we chose to be together. By the way, we are 14 in total.

While days, months, and years passed by our friendships became stronger and became very closed. We used to went picnic, swimming, gala dito, and gala dun. We were very happy and so loud when we saw each other, especially when talking about boys on campus and e-book stories. (Sabi nila ganun daw guro once nagsama-sama maiingay kahit saan.haha)

Since we are 14 in groups. It is very common to have sub groups so, technically there are three to four subgroups. Amazing right? but we still manage to enjoy the company of every member, especially after lunch because we always went to a park across from our school and hunt for handsome boys. haha. We used to be like that for four years. We even managed to be in one section from first-year to fourth-year college. That was more amazing, right? Haha.

Until one day, the graduation day came. Some of us pursued to become public teachers and private teachers while others chose to apply and try other jobs that are not teaching related. There were who became call center agents, OFW, cashier in SM and I forgot the others. Sorry!

But despite having different jobs we still sometimes managed to see each other and had some fun though it's no more complete for some reasons. That was our way to catch up until it became a rare meet-up. We often plan in our group chats but some started to ignore the invites and plans and did not send any messages or response. That made me pissed sometimes. Sending a message is not hard. All they have to do is type on their phone their reasons and send it to our GC.

But what they like was sending them a private message before telling their reasons. I was always the one who reached and PM them when it comes to get-together events but since they became like that. I got tired and changed too. I am just human and I am tired to be ignored all the time. (hugot?) So, what I did was just rely on what messages they sent on our GC. No more PM from me. Haha. Kapagod kaya. No response to me means not interested or cannot go.

Now, some of them are already married while others are in a relationship and a few were still single. So it became very rare for them to join a get-together. Besides, the pandemic is still here so all the plans were canceled.

Until a message received.

THURSDAY night, one of our friends chatted and asked me if I was busy the next day ( Friday) so since I did not have any classes, I said NO. Because of that, we decided to ask the others in our GC (group chat) to have lunch at home. It was just a simple boddle fight but out of 14, only 5 came including me. As usual, some of them just seen our invites and others replied the reasons why they cannot go but did not mind it too much. Nasanay na ako.hehe. We were a few but the fun and joy were still there like we were in College. We enjoyed every moment (tsismisan, plans in life, foods, and new updates about DepEd) especially in our eating time (lunch and snack time).

That day was ended great for we were able to see each other again and we were able to catch up. That is what I always miss when we are together I forget all my worries and just having fun. Hope there are still more get together with them

Friends are worth to keep, especially when they are real and true. There are times when our friendship experience challenges but at the end of the day, we still choose to see and be with them making fun activities and things. And visiting them to catch up once in a while can make your friendship stronger.

-the end.


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Written by   194
5 months ago
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14 was a great number😁.. ang saya siguro pag lahat nkakapunta 'no. But they have their own reason qng bat d sila nkakadalo. My knya knya na ding buhay..Ang importante you're all in good terms

$ 0.00
5 months ago

oo. minsan lang ata kami nabuo pero okay pa din naman. yung mga single at di masyadong busy na lang ang umiintindi. hehe.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Kuu, buti pa ikaw. Ung sakin dalawa nalang nga nawala na din ang closeness. Awan baga, nag uusap pa rin naman pero di na tulad ng dati. May friend din kasi sila from high school ee. Ako kasi pag di pinansin, mang ssnob din ako kaya auon haha.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Hala. Di bale dami mo namang virtual friends .hehe. Sa akin kasi college ko na sila nakilala at sa kanila lang ako naging close talaga kasi nung elem at high school parang ayaw sa akin. Haha. Though my bestfriend ako sa high school gang ngayon

$ 0.00
5 months ago

True friends lng madam ang worth to keep. Iba kc fake 🤣

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Yes madam kaya ngayon medyo natututo na ko. Pag ayaw, wag na though sa circle of friends ko I still do my best to give time 'coz I always cherish them as my friends.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Talagang ganyan. Each of you has their own profession and own life now. Once you fly away from college all are more focused with the path they took. Maybe your friendship is not that strong. It is only for the past in which you were all free of obligations and think only of studies, outings and boys. 😅 They are now starting to shut you out but you don't only notice.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Ouch naman yan but yeah you have a point naman. Maybe I'm just one of those friends who still cherish them and wanted to be with them 😅

$ 0.00
5 months ago