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Cheer Up and Be Strong

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Written by   194
5 months ago

by Gracee / Friday / April 30, 2021

Cheer up yourself and Be strong.


We encounter challenges in our daily lives. We even receive different news that can instantly change our moods. These challenges and news may give us happiness or sadness. They even make us stunned and devastated. But in the end, we still find our lives worth living.

I received bad and good news on the same day and this has happened a few days ago. These gave me happiness, sadness, and disappointment as well. That day until now, I still feel the disappointment for I did not expect to happen this again this year. I do not always think about it but it always pops into my mind every time I pause from doing something.

This news was about the position I was applying for in the Division Office here in my hometown. I have mentioned in one of my articles that teaching in a public school is not my choice and passion but this surely makes my mother happy that is why I am still trying to get that position. However, it seems like that job is not meant for me. It is been a few years now since I was applying for that job but every time I can possibly reach the passing score, there were always reasons that hinder me to be included in the Registry of Qualified Applicants ( RQA). It is either they do not allow me to retain my points last year or get low scores in some criterias.

I almost wanted to believe that job is not for me and that is not my calling. Howbeit, I do not want to give up on it because that is my mother's dream for me. It makes me sad every time I see how happy she is when we are talking about it and when I always hear from her saying that what she likes for me. I know this is not completely a good reason to pursue this job because it is not really what I want but at least I should try and makes my parents proud to see me as a public teacher. I know you know how painful not to fulfill our parents' dreams that is why I always choose not to give up on that position.

As I am writing this article it makes me sadder. I remembered how happy they were when I graduated from college and passed the Licensure Examination of Teachers (LET) way back in 2014. But, it is also been a few years now that I failed them and could not grant one of their dreams, which is to become a public teacher. That is why even though the bad news gives me disappointment I am trying to be strong and doing my best to cheer up myself because giving up is not the best option.

"That is okay, maybe it is not yet the right time" This line is what I am always saying to myself on my hard days because this is just one of my way to stop overthinking and avoid sadness. I am even trying to convince myself that there is another work opportunity waiting for me and that is for the best. However, my mind sometimes can not help it and thinks a lot that makes me worry and gives me sleepless nights. I am also like you, have many weaknesses, and afraid of taking risks in life. But, when bad days come, I am making sure to cheer up myself and make my faith stronger because that is the only and best thing I can do to calm myself and to continue in life.

I may do not understand my situation now and why it is always happening but I know there is a good reason behind it. I may not know it but for sure it is for the best and the answer to my question "why" will be answered soon.

Happiness, sadness, and disappointments are part of our lives. These make us joyous, smile, hopeless, devastated, stunned, gloomy, furious, terrified, etc. BUT keep in mind that His plan is better than ours. He will surely direct us to the right path where we really belong. Just in case you may have difficulties understanding your situations, just surrender your worries to Him. It may be difficult but I know that is the best thing to do.

To end this article I would like to say to you CHEER up and Be Strong. Everything will be okay at the right time and place.

Have a nice day!😊

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Written by   194
5 months ago
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You're sandwiched between your passion and fulfilling your mothers dream for you... you said it's not your passion to teach, bka it's one thing that hinders you to be included in the RQA mam. And you're only doing it to fulfill your mom's dream, that is respect and honoring them but what about your own hapiness?

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5 months ago

One of my happiness is seeing my parents proud and happy.

Siguro nga isa din yung ayaw ko talaga magpublic na dahilan pero try ko baka naman dun din talaga ako 😅 I'm still don t know bakit ako pumasa ng LET din . I also considered din kasi un as one sign para magpublic ako. Try ko gat kaya pero pag di na , maiintindihan naman siguro nila 😅😁

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5 months ago

You can do it Gracee. I know you can! But always choose what's making you happy! And you won't regret it in the end. You can still honor, support and respect your parents pa nman kahit ang gusto mo tlaga ang tinatake mo sa life. 😊

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5 months ago

Thanks sa tiwala sis @eommaZel. Yun din plano ko talaga hanap ng ibang work to support them pero dahil ganito naman sitwasyon I still try this year baka sakali na makapasok ako 😅 narealized ko din kasi na iba ang benefits pag nasa public ka.hehe. Basta sa ngayon try lang muna baka dun din talaga ako😁

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5 months ago

Wag kang titigil hanggat di mo naaachieve yan. Para sa parents go lang ng go. Pero kasi, diba dapat gagawin mo yan kasi gusto mo. Tinging ko di ka mag eenjoy jan if do mo namanngusto ginagawa mo at ginagawa mo lang yam for your parents. Or pwd namang gawin mo muna ung gusto nila then sa sunod hahayaan kana nilang pumili sa kung ano talagang gusto mo. Ano ba kasing gusto mo? Nga pala diko pa ikaw nakikita mandin, nag post kana ba sa ng fez mo?

$ 0.00
5 months ago

haha. ayoko siya but I think naman pag andun na ko baka naman sakaling magustuhan ko din yung pagtuturo sa public diba? hehe. at yes gusto ko sana gawin yung for them then kung di ko na kaya pwede naman umalis diba. haha. di pa nakakapasok pero alis na nasa isip kaya siguro di rin binibigay sa akin ne. Di pa ko nag post. hhehe. nahiya ako eh

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5 months ago

Sabagay, baka mapilit mo ang self mo ma gustuhin un. Pero pag hindi takaga, ipaubaya na sa iba. Hanapin ang talagang gusto ant eenjoy ang buhay. Tatanda ka agad nyan pag yan naging isipin mo pa.

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5 months ago

Kaya nga. Kaya ko siguro yunf nagturo lang. Haha. Sabi kasi ang mahirap sa public yung paper works at daming seminars.😅

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5 months ago