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Alone yet Not Lonely

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4 months ago

by Gracee / Wednesday / May 26, 2021

Being Alone is okay but feeling lonely is not.

Tonight, I am alone lying on my bed while browsing the internet. Suddenly, the tagline "Alone but not Lonely" popped up into my mind.

There were times when we felt so lonely and felt like we were just alone in this world. Yeah, I rarely feel that. We feel this feeling when something is bothering us; when we do not understand the things around us and when we do not have someone to lean on when we are broken nor someone whom to talk to when we wanted to burse out the pain inside of us.

We even sometimes suddenly feel lonely when we get tired and lost motivation for we do not know why we are doing something. It is hard to deal with the feeling of loneliness that everyone experiences it for we can also possibly feel it wherever we are, even when we are with other people.

Tonight, as the clock ticking, my neighbors are going to sleep. I am here lying on my bed waiting for my eyes to be tired and sleepy. As I am literally alone, I was surprised for I do not feel sadness and the feeling of loneliness. This makes me smile and happy as well. This is one of the moments that I always wanted to cherish the most for I am a person who usually felt an emptiness when alone especially when I am bothered.

I like "me time" but not at the point of being alone every day. It makes me preoccupied and sometimes anxious. Tears were felt sometimes too for I do not understand what the feeling I have inside. But tonight is totally different. Yes, I am alone but no feeling of loneliness and that is what matters.

Before ending this article, I am going to share with you some of my ways that help me to deal with loneliness. These ways might help you too.

  • Do all the things that make you happy. I sometimes do this especially when I feel so lonely. I listen to upbeat music and watch some funny videos on Facebook or performances of my favorite artist on YouTube. An of course, making noise and writing articles.

  • Hang with with your family of you can. Even I am at home I just hang with my family when they are at home so, I just usually send them messages reminding to always be safe and sometimes greet them.

  • Get a temporary job. Whatever temporary job it is, as long as you are happy doing it and it is legal then take it. As of now, I have limited work unlike before so I consider it as a temporary job and somewhat enough to make my mind occupies and forget the loneliness I feel inside.

  • Chit-chat with friends. Since this pandemic started, I often exchange message to my college friends and we even often see each other often. It really helps me to unwind and relax.

  • Always be positive. I am not always positive in all situations but I always tried my very best to be one for this is one of my way to avoid being anxious for many things that might give me the feeling of loneliness.

  • Always remember that loneliness does not last forever.

-the end.

😊 Good night!


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Avatar for Gracee
Written by   194
4 months ago
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Spending time with family or friends and going out with them ease the feeling of loneliness kya while they are around invite them for a jog or walk outside

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4 months ago

Naku ramdam ko yan dti nung mag isa lng ako sa city. Mahirap wala kang kausap, walang kasalo. Kaya minsan khit day off mamamasyal nlng ako para naman malibang.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Diko rin maiwasang makadama ng loneliness talaga. Yong bigla ka nalang mapapaisip ba. Tapos sisingit pa si kwash na panira nt pangarap lalo na akong nasaktan huehue, charingggg ahaha. As for me naman, music lang katapat nyan. Nawawala ko sa isip ko ang mga isipin pag nakikinig akong muaic me, lalo na rock.

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4 months ago

Totoo sis. Bgla ka na lang mapapaisip din feeling mo mag isa ka na lang na nagmumukmok but yes iba talaga ang tulong ng music sis

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4 months ago

Bkt alone madam? Wala ka sa family mo? Ako dn ngayon nalulungkot. Yung feeling na tired ka tapus lonely pa. Hayst. Kung pwd lng tapusin na tong contract. Kaso 4 mos pa 😭

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Andito ko bahay sis kaya lang si nanay at bunso di nauwi tas si tatay ayon dun naman sa kubo niya natutulog. Ayaw niya dito sa bahay tas sila ate may sarili namang bahay kaya mag literal na mag isa ko dito lalo pag gabi 😁

Mas mahirap yang sayo sis ta kalayo pero kapit lang mabilis na lang yung 4 mons :)

$ 0.00
4 months ago