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Relieved and Motivated

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5 months ago

by Gracee / Thursday/ May 13, 2021

In our lives, there are days and times that will test how strong we are and how long our patients are.

Being a part of this platform is indeed a blessing, especially these days that pandemics are still here. This platform is a big help for everyone who joined this especially for those who always receive tips from the bot and other writers. Though, there are times when some articles did not get any tip for some reasons that give disappointment and sadness that ended abandoning their account and make a new one. On the other hand, others are taking it as a challenge and still continue writing and believe that the bot will visit their articles and shower them with tips again.

I also experience the same scenarios. There are times when I get tips from the bot and there are times that there is totally nothing from it. It makes me sad and somehow gives me disappointment. So every time I write articles I am setting my expectation and making myself believe that the bot might not visit my articles. So negative right? but one of my ways to avoid disappointment. I also believe that less expectation, fewer heartaches. Though there is still part of me hoping that bot will visit my articles. Maybe 20 to 30 percent. haha

Until one day, something went wrong.

So as I mentioned in my previous articles (Puzzled and Shocked) all my comments in the past few days have been marked as spam. It gave me sadness and made me uneasy. I was confused for I could not figure out why this happened. I thought maybe because I did not write articles as often as others. It gave me heartache and made me preoccupied too. This affected my work as well for I was thinking about how to fix it.

In spite of being uneasy about this matter, I still decided to continue being active here by interacting with other writers. Thanks to some authors who helped to lessen my worries regarding this matter by giving me some advice and suggestions on how to fix it. That time I also decided not to give up easily because would not help to solve the problem.

Honestly, after the bot visited my latest article and gave tip, my heart filled a bit happy and hope because I could see that despite my comments marked as spam it still visited my articles. So I decided to observe my account first before doing another account.

Then, last night my worries were completely gone. Jane and Jeaneth, and Ruffa told me that my latest comments were no longer marked as spam. This news made me totally relieved and gave me a good sleep last night. Thanks to them. I really appreciate your help guys. :)

This incident made me more motivated and work harder to write more articles and keep on being active on this platform. I am not sure if this will not happen again but one thing for sure is I will not easily give up my account and do my best to keep it updated.

Our life is full of surprises that can make us happy, sad, uneasy or shocked. But what we should do is to calm and take it easy. Listen to the suggestions and observe everything before doing any actions. Lastly, never ever easily give up and lose hope. Stay strong, be patient, observant, and believe that everything will be okay.

-the end.

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Avatar for Gracee
Written by   194
5 months ago
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Madali lng sya narecover. .kawawa yung iba . dapat kc naging active lng sla kt move to spam gya syo.. Cguro narecover dn agad acct nla

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5 months ago

Kaya nga buti naisipan ko pa din ituloy maging active kahit sa comment lang kundi baka matagalan. Kawawa talaga yung iba kasi kahit gumawa sila ng bago parang di sila masyado pinapansin ni bot

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Happy for you madam <3 Hihi

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Thanks madam 😊😊

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Good thing at madali lng xa naayos ksi ang iba months ang itinagal pro d p rin nman bumigay...

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Kaya katuwa ko na ilang araw lang pero yung iba kahit bumalik na ganun pa din nakakasad sana maging okay na din yung ibang mga accounts lalo yung mga bumabalik na gusto magpublish ulit

$ 0.00
5 months ago