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Nature's Beauty

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8 months ago
Topics: Photography

by Gracee / Saturday / March 20, 2021

Good afternoon read.cashers 😊

Right now, I am sitting at the balcony of our house while browsing different platforms. While staying here, the plants, flowers and trees caught my attention, since I am getting bored again, I took photos of them again to share with you.

These are bougainvilla and --- flowers. (forgot the name of the other one 😅)

When I became a plantita, I started liking flowering plants because it makes my day and our surrounding's more beautiful.

These are just some of the non-flowering plants I planted during this pandemic. I love seeing them because aside from making my day extra special, they are the proofs that I can be a plantita too. 😅 Before all the plants I planted were died because I didn't take care of them but now, as you can see they are growing beautifully. 😍

These are mango trees from a mango farm next to our house where you can hear birds chirping and other animals eating grasses. Actually, I took this photo this morning because we went inside the farm to relax. This is owned by my uncle so, we don't need to ask permission everytime we wanted to go inside. 😊

Last but not the least, The Sky above us. As you can see it's quite cloudy yet sunny and windy today here in my hometown. There are parts where the clouds are gray but I hope it won't rain later because I need to go somewhere. 😅

This is the end of my article and I am still sitting at the balcony while finishing this on my phone, but planning to sleep coz' the wind is inviting. 😅

Hope you like this simple article of mine. Have a nice day!!!!

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Written by   194
8 months ago
Topics: Photography
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